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    Working for me.
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    VGA Adapter/Larger Screens

    It only pushes to the output what the app tells it to push. If the app does not have that feature it won't work. I only tested Keynote and the Photos app so I cannot say about Netflix or others yet. I will check and report back.
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    Wifi problem

    I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday with another guy and his MacBook was connecting without fault. My PC was connecting without fault. My iPhone was connecting without fault. My iPad could not connect at all. I called Apple and their solution was the Restart iPhone and then Reset networks...
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    Apple Ipad Class

    Sorry about that. Now I just look like a ridiculous spammer. In my defense ... Well there is none.
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    Netflix is amazing!

    What's really sad they are going backwards with the DVD distribution making most of the new releases 28 day delay. That is unbelievable.
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    Apple Ipad Class

    Deleted post as I misread subject line.
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    iAds ?!#

    I will avoid iAd apps.
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    Yes you can get pages out of Pages. When in Pages just make sure you are in Portrait mode and the toolbar shows up at the top. Tap My Documents. At the bottom you will see the icon with a box and an arrow coming out of the center of the box. Tap it to export to various document formats like PDF...
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    Any USB hubs that will charge iPad?

    Since this issue was not known at ship date I am guessing it will take a little while before manufacturers start making the special accessory for this. I have Power USB Hubs and they do not work either. The charging device that comes with the iPad is probably proprietary and so it will have be...