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    Welcome to the new iPad Help section!

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    PC to Ipad streaming video

    can I use video converter to convert video to ipad? i buy one before for my iphone and can I transfer it easily? the video converter is isharesoft video converter and I don't know whether it is support i need to buy a new one?
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    iPad screen size for watching video

    where can i download 720p movie for my ipad?
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    Ipad Faq And Questions-And-Answers

    Find a great article, here is the link: Ipad Faq And Questions-And-Answers Q: What firmware does the iPad run? A: Firmware 3.2. More specifically: iPad 1,1 (3.2/7B367). Q: When will Firmware 4.0 be released for the iPad? A: Fall 2010. Q: When was the iPad released? A: Wi-Fi Model: 3...