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  1. superhoops

    iOS 8.1 Launches Today, Here are the new Features it Brings

    I have restarted the iPhone again, I already did that earlier, and now the option has finally appeared. Thanks for the replies
  2. superhoops

    iOS 8.1 Launches Today, Here are the new Features it Brings

    They have both been updated to 8.1. There is no such option in messages settings. I can only presume for some reason it has been disabled in the UK.
  3. superhoops

    iOS 8.1 Launches Today, Here are the new Features it Brings

    Both my iPhone and iPad are signed in to the same iMessage account.
  4. superhoops

    iOS 8.1 Launches Today, Here are the new Features it Brings

    SMS on ipad not working. there's no option in message settings to enable it on either my iPhone 5s or ipad4. Guess as always the UK misses out, we've still not got iTunes Radio!
  5. superhoops

    Infiniboard Landscape

    Yes I will let you know, thanks for your help
  6. superhoops

    Infiniboard Landscape

    Hi Marilyn, thanks for the reply. No, I haven't written to the developer, I will see what he says. Infiniboard in landscape worked in ios6 I am pretty sure- I don't really use the ipad in landscape much to be honest but I think it did. On another note, I never get email notifications of replies...
  7. superhoops

    Infiniboard Landscape

    Hi When I turn the ipad mini landscape I only have one page of icons i.e.the icons below that page aren't there when I scroll down. It works fine in portrait. I have googled but it looks like I'm the only one with this problem. Anyone else??
  8. superhoops

    Jerky moving icons

    Hi. I am finding it practically impossible to move icons from one page to another as it is so jerky. The icon ends up on an adjacent page. I guess it must be one of the tweaks but not sure which one. Any one else experiencing this???
  9. superhoops

    How to stop auto update that started before it screws up jailbreak (WiFi mini)

    Not quite the same but about two weeks ago my ipad mini froze and when I forcibly restarted it it updated to 7.04 without me giving it any permission to do so. An anti jail breaking measure by Apple?
  10. superhoops

    Storage space misreported

    Hi. I have recently deleted all photos/ videos (9.5gb) off my ipad mini to make space but when I get into settings the original free space still shows (6.5gb) rather than 16gb. In addition I have 1600 songs downloaded but music is reported as "no data". I have hard reset , I have downloaded the...
  11. superhoops

    Running iphone apps on ipad

    On my half dozen iphone apps the x2 button has definitely vanished!
  12. superhoops

    Running iphone apps on ipad

    Have just noticed that the few iphone apps I run on my ipad mini look less fuzzy than they did before ios7, they look quite a bit sharper. Or is it my imagination? I've also noticed that the x2 button in the corner of the screen has gone now with ios7,
  13. superhoops

    Cancelling itunes download

    I should have said that as a result I can't download anything and I have three app updates stuck on 0%
  14. superhoops

    Cancelling itunes download

    I accidentally touched the download button on a playlist containing 1500 songs, I use iTunes Match. Now I can't stop it downloading all these songs short of swiping delete 1500 times. I have tried signing out, hard resetting etc but nothing is working. Any ideas before I throw the ipad out the...
  15. superhoops

    Music Player

    When I had my Samsung S3 I found a brilliant music player called GoneMad. The best things were 1) it handled various artist compilations correctly 2) it had crossfading 3) you can hold on a track name for "play next", "add to queue" options I have been unable to find an ios app that does...
  16. superhoops

    What new features would make you upgrade to Mini 2?

    I want 128gb capacity so I can get all my music and photos and videos on it so I don't have to use ITunes Match or photo cloud services. Or at least have an sd card slot
  17. superhoops

    What Would You Like to See from iOS 7?

    To not need to jailbreak to get what I want I.e, as many apps in a folder as I want, to scroll vertically and horizontally, to be able to scroll the dock, change the keyboard color,have the choice of how many icons on a page, to be able to lock apps if I wish.
  18. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Hi Marilyn, I switched Imessage off and then on again and it's working! I could have sworn I had tried that already! Thanks, you are an absolute star!!!!!!!!
  19. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Actually just realised that's not a complete list. I also have Icleaner, record my screen,sbsettings,and xcon. Thanks
  20. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Hi. I have attached a list of my tweaks. Thanks
  21. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Hi Barcamad. Yes I have tried a hard reset with no difference. I have had the Ipad Mini for a few months but my son only got his IPod Touch a few weeks ago and it happened straight away. Zstairlessone, the mini is jailbroken so they wouldn't entertain looking at it. My thoughts are that the...
  22. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Hi and thanks for the replies. This is from my sons iPod touch to my ipad so its not an issue of is it SMS or Imessage. I have checked Restrictions and they are all turned off. If I send him a picture it arrives on his iPod fine and if he sends a picture it arrives fine on my iphone, its just...
  23. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    No-one any idea??
  24. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    No. It just arrives and after literally one tenth of a second it disappears. Strange thing is it is the on the iPhone ok, its just the ipad it disappears from
  25. superhoops

    Imessage problem

    Hi. For some reason if I am sent a photo in imessage the picture disappears after about half a second. It is replaced by a blue bubble saying "unknown". I can send photos ok. Any ideas?? Cheers
  26. superhoops

    Blurred NewsStand mags

    Oh thanks for that. I think i will stick with traditional mags as i find it too irritating.
  27. superhoops

    Blurred NewsStand mags

    I have books downloaded onto my ipad mini and I can turn the pages slow or fast and the next page is always petfectly in focus immediately in NewsStand though I have to wait one or two seconds for the page to cone into focus, any ideas why this isi cant understand as the magazines are downloaded...
  28. superhoops

    I can't see anything under "Purchased" tab. Pls help.

    Still cant use the purchased apps tab on my ipad2. White screen for about 45 seconds then crashes. I havent updated to 6.01 but from I have read the update hasn't fixed this
  29. superhoops

    Itunes and the App Store are not working.Help Please!

    Yes, me too. To be honest I have found the app store frustratingly slow , almost unusable since the ios 6 update. I hardly ever bother with it anymore as it is too hard to use
  30. superhoops

    IOS 6 apple login

    Why oh why hasnt apple introduced a "kill all" button to close all backgrounded apps in one fell swoop. I agree that they slow own performance. In fact when my ipad2 was jailbroken the memory usage meter at the top of the screen shot up when using "KillAll"
  31. superhoops

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Ibismail is pretty good, one other plus point is you can set a startup password for security. Downside, and the reason I stopped using it is that the push notifications dont work on the ipad.
  32. superhoops

    Poor internet performance since ios6

    Thanks for the ideas, does seem somewhat better thanks
  33. superhoops

    Poor internet performance since ios6

    Since updating to ios6 I have found it painfully slow to browse the internet. Pages take ages to load. And streaming videos keep stopping. I have done a speed check which shows 8mb which is approx what is has always been. Is it just me?
  34. superhoops

    iOS 6 Maps Draws Lots of Complaints Worldwide

    Jasmine is a good Ipad Youtube replacement
  35. superhoops

    Ios 6 update.problems

    I agree, browsing is frustratingly slow since ios6
  36. superhoops

    App store reviews

    Since updating to ios6 I can no longer read more than the initial 5or 6 reviews on the app store or on itunes store. The More reviews button just doesnt do anything. Is this just me?
  37. superhoops

    iPad photo albums not arranged alphabetically.

    Mine are still in alphabetical order after updating
  38. superhoops

    Apple Digital AV Adapter

    If everyone just replied " google is your friend" there would be no point having these forums. What a stupid reply.
  39. superhoops

    Microphone only recording static

    I had that and the apple store changed it immediately, said it was a known fault. But mine was in warranty
  40. superhoops

    This ipad app

    Just got it again, Ipad 2 forum,other forums ok. I tried 4 times same message