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  1. Crissy

    Bluetooth handsfree headset for new iPad

    Welcome spiralspines, you will know more and more from here, hope you will became a iPad fan asap.
  2. Crissy

    Apple Digial AV Adapter - New Version?

    Apple Digital AV Adapter was as important as The New iPad to the world. yes, this new version
  3. Crissy

    New Ipad Skin Concept

    sorry, i don't know what your means too, maybe it's art, from broken, we see inside, like A5X, hehe...
  4. Crissy

    New Ipad Skin Concept

    I got nothing means from the photos, it's littery, i love my girlfriend and make my girlfriend's picture, so what your means about this picture?
  5. Crissy

    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    ok, maybe that STM bag fit you, what do you think so from those post.
  6. Crissy

    Bluetooth stereo headphones for my iPad 2?

    it's cool when i used in street or by car.
  7. Crissy

    New iPad holder to review!

    pretty neat, good
  8. Crissy

    Life proof Case

    thank you for your careful found
  9. Crissy

    Wireless keyboards onlu types caps?

    what's a childish question, sorry we can't help you.
  10. Crissy

    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    Today i see targus, it's really really beautiful in my heart.
  11. Crissy

    Good Accessories Guide for the New iPad 3rd Generation

    I'd like a black leather case under $30.00
  12. Crissy

    Best hand holder for ipad?

    iPadFoot small , interesting and useful
  13. Crissy

    Just in, my new Grove made case/cover

    if i not see it here, i don't know it's a iPad case. i don't like this picture as Ipad case, but it's amazing.
  14. Crissy

    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    Good to know, thank you for your share
  15. Crissy

    New iPad case compatibility?

    smart cover, without others
  16. Crissy

    Zaggmate case

    yes, i read more thread about ZAGG, no matter good or bad, we know it, i think it's better than others, then i will buy an Ipad case of Zagg
  17. Crissy

    ZAGG HD Screen Protector

    i don't have ZAGG, but i'm interesting this thread
  18. Crissy

    Are zagg screen protectors scratch-proof?

    zagg, ggmm, thery are similar, i know until now, zagg from usa, ggmm from china
  19. Crissy

    wireless keyboard and ipad2 case

    The outer is made of the best genuine leather and the inner uses the dense superfine velvet anti-slip material. Moderate hardness and different feels brings you a simple and fresh feeling while protecting your iPad. Ultrathin, extremely strong tenacity. Precise cutting, attaching to the iPad...
  20. Crissy

    damaged Keyboard Dock: repairable?

    i don't think so, from the picture
  21. Crissy

    ipad and usb stick

    yes, it's good
  22. Crissy

    First official image of the Apple iPad 3?

    perfect and fashion
  23. Crissy

    Life proof Case

    Smart Cover
  24. Crissy

    IPad Bags for Women

    i suggest you search adword woman bag replace ipad bag for woman.
  25. Crissy

    Ipad 2 case

    choose a good and expensive case better than broken two iPad, in my opinion.:p
  26. Crissy

    Ipad airplay gadget

    It looks like wonderful, before buy, we must know the all the detail date and work existence...
  27. Crissy

    Portenzo coupon codes?

    is there got a Portenzo coupon code so hard? no other way? All roads lead to Rome.
  28. Crissy

    Apple's iPad 3 Acessory/Case?

    maybe it's true.
  29. Crissy

    Extend the USB cord on charger

    why not the apple company make a long charging cord, my nokia cell phone cord is 1.5m
  30. Crissy

    Where do you get your iPad accessories?

    made in china is cheap, and the quality is good now.