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    Non-Skid iPad Stand for $6

    I wanted an iPad stand I can use while flying and place on the tray table that doesn't skid. I have the Seskimo Crabble for my iPhone as it's super small and folds. Love it! I found the following stand at Barnes & Noble for $5. It folds flat and the top wire bar is telescopic so you can...
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    Apple case in another case

    I went and found a Fellows 10.2" case. HP's 10.2 inch seems like it has more padding but I don't like the logo on the front. Walmart has both.
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    Apple case in another case

    I have the same needs. I bought the incase Grip case to wrap around my iPad. However when I need to travel I'd lime another case to protect it and be able to slip it into my laptop bag. I've looked at many cases in store and determined most cases are designed for the iPad to slip into without...
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    If you purchased it within 14 days at either Best Buy or the Apple store and still have the receipt, you can take it back. I returned mine to Best Buy (without the box) and got a full refund. The iPad dock is useless to me if I have to keep taking off my case. Apple needs to make a dock...
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    iPad Email

    Thanks Bremen! It's the simple things that go unnoticed...:)
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    iPad Email

    How do I get the TO: (recipient list) to appear when I am viewing an email? I have the TO & CC columns setup in the General Settings under Email, but when I open the email, I only see who it was from and not everyone that was included. Thanks!
  7. T Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    My wife doesn't understand my obession with my iPad. Right now, it's doing everything I need including being able to remote control my Cloud web server! I'm looking for the next big thing it'll do!
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    Video Playback on TV from Netflix/ABC

    I too have that question. It doesn't seem the iPad opens up other areas for output. If you have a digital copy DVD on your iPad, when playing it through a cable to a monitor it'll get detected and not play and alert you with a "Copyrighted Notice" and the output will be blocked. I'd love to...