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    Can't download movies in iTunes

    When trying to download rented movies in iTunes on my iPad 2 I get an "Unknown Error" message. This happens after I select Rent and enter my password. It appears as if the movie is going to the download center then the "Unknown Error" message appears. It asks if I want to Cancel or Retry. Retry...
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    Have wifi symbol but cannot connect to internet

    Yes, I have a WiFi only iPad and I have connected to countless hotspots. The first time I tried there was an IP address and subnet mask. Now there is not. Still getting the WiFi signal at top, but no connection. Could be a bogus hotspot like rnfuller suggests.
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    Have wifi symbol but cannot connect to internet

    I recently found a network at work called Free Public WiFi. When i connect to it I get the WiFi symbol at the top left that shows a wifi connection. However, when i open Safari and try to open a website it says Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet. What...
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    how do you clean your screen?

    damp cloth followed by a dry cloth
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    Traveling to India. Will WiFi work?

    I am traveling to India in January and was wondering if my iPad2 with WiFi only will be able to operate at hotels with WiFi? Is WiFi in India the same as in the US? What about charging my iPad. What kind of addapter will I need? Thanks Rob
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    How can i view on web cam?

    Get the yahoo messenger and skype apps. you can with those.
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    App store rules for StumbleUpon on iPad and iPhone

    What is Stumble? I'm new.
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    How do u delete email addresses u have sent email to?

    When ever I write an email that address stays in my iPad. So when I type the first letter of that address it brings up all the addresses that begin with that letter. Sometimes this is annoying because it can be a long list. How do I delete these or stop it from happening? Thanks
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    App sorting

    I can't even get an app to move from one page to another. Any ideas? When I delete an app the other move up to its position. They stay in the same order just move up on that page.
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    How do i delete email messages?

    Ok, so I think i got this figured out. I restarted then opened mail. When the mail was opening the trash can appeared then turned into the archive icon. So i went into settings, mail and selected my account. The last option is Archive Messages which was set to On. I changed it to Off then...
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    How do i delete email messages?

    The manual says Delete a message: Open the message and tap (trash can icon). Or, swipe left or right over the message title in the message list, then tap Delete. I do not have a trash can icon. I have an archives icon and a mailbox icon. Anyone have a trash can icon? The swipe left or right...
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    How do i delete email messages?

    I don't see the trash can icon to delete messages. I have to select the mailbox icon and then select trash. This seems cumbersome. The manual says there should be a trash can icon. Any ideas where it is? thanks rob
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    does anyone use their iPad2 for taking handwritten notes?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I will see if some of these apps have free versions and try that before buying. I was not aware that you can return apps. Thanks for letting me know.
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    does anyone use their iPad2 for taking handwritten notes?

    I'm new to iPad having just received mine last week. My family decided to get me one for my birthday. While it is cool I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with it. I'd rather watch movies on my television and not on a 10" screen. Not much of a gamer. Going to try reading a book...
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    iPad connectivity thru Blackberry

    Thanks. But i can't jailbreak mine with iOS 4.3.5, right?
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    iPad connectivity thru Blackberry

    Hi there. Just got an iPad2 32G wifi for my bday. I didn't want to get the 3G model because I dont want to pay the monthly data fee. I have a blackberry bold 9650 from work that has tethering capabilities thru Verizon. I can tether it to my work laptop. Can I do the same with my iPad? Do I...