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    Airplay with latest ios

    The usual way I get my iPad to show and play through my Apple TV is gone from the double click of the round button. How do it get it back?
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    Im back asking once again midi to garageband

    I still have the gaol of buying midi tracks and some how converting them to iPad GarageBand tracks. Does anyone have a link to step by step instructions of how to get midi files from a PC laptop to iPad GarageBand? I hear it can be done but never hear how. I want them to be separate tracks not...
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    Chordie chordpro gone?

    Trying to find a song for my songbook nothing happens when I tap a song from the main sources..are they down for good?
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    Garageband sequences

    Midi files for all kinds of music can be down loaded from the net easily and are abundant. Will there ever be such a source for GarageBand songs?
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    How to get photos off ipad?

    I messed up and put way too many photos on my iPad. I cannot find anything in the new iTunes to use sync to get them off. I only see music, tv shows, iTunes U, and apps. Now I can't sync because of the lack of space to do so and see nowhere I can exclude all photos from a sync. If I blank...
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    Share your GarageBand Projects

    Where is a clearing house Garagebanders can exchange songs?
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    All About Music And Recording

    The closest thing to that I've seen is a Karaoke program for Ipad but it is not a sequencer. Also, there is SongBook which will give you chords and words off Chordie but no music. I need help..I am looking for music. Is there anyway to get/buy classic rock music for Garageband...already...
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    Any garageband songs available yet?

    Over 200 views, months later and nothing. I am beginning to wonder if this will ever sequenced rock songs for Garageband. I wonder if there is a site where people swap them. I have some. Is there some copyright problem? My songs are so off the the original I would not think so...
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    All About Music And Recording

    Get a cable that plugs in where headphones go on an Ipad. 3.5mm Make sure the cable has on the other end the type of plugs that will go into your sound system. I use three different types by adaptors. 3.5 mm for my Bose PA RCA for Tape In or 1/4" plugs into separate PA channels. You can get...
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    Any garageband songs available yet?

    What I am looking for is a way to get songs for GarageBand that are fully sequenced, editable, and downloadable, sort of like midi songs. I would think by now there would be a market for this concept but as of yet cannot find it. Not original indie songs but classic rock songs I can drop out...
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    Ipad 3? No, New ipad according to Best Buy

    My ad came in, along with an offer to cash in my iPad 2, but there was no mention of iPad 3. It was called "The New IPad." Is it that or iPad 3? Or does it really matter...guess not.
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    What is happening to my beloved ipad?

    iPad 2 32gb 3G GarageBand Photoshop touch Few game apps Memory capacity says I'm just above half way mark but this machine has changed. Even the smallest email takes a while to send as opposed to instant. I get an ad along with my opportunity to trade in my iPad for the New IPad, not iPad 3...
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    Emails have no graphics

    As of this week all my emails are missing graphics. Can't get a local Enews that once had has events shown in graphic all blank. Anyone else having this problem with their iPad ? Ads sent to me are missing all pictures, but I can get an attached photo from an individual, but no...
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    Best current wat to connect Sure SM58 to an ipad

    What adaptor is out there to be able to record on GarageBand through a Sure XLR connection mike? Tried to edit title..could not find it. Best current device for connecting Sure SM58 mike to iPad.
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    Is my ipad a back up for my itunes account?

    My main access to anything iTunes is a pc laptop. I understand it is a back up for my music I synced to my iPad, but is it the other way around? If my laptop goes down can I get a new laptop then load my music from my iPad back to a new laptop? Or, must I back up my iTunes on a flash drive or...
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    How to make youtube continuously play a topic

    The TiVo OS will do this can I get my iPad or apple tv to do it? I cool feature of TiVo is that you may type in a band's name while in YouTube mode hit play and a continuous stream of all the videos found for that band will begin playing. I have iPad and Apple TV. I wonder if there is any way...
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    Apple TV always busy, why?

    To get my iPad to connect with my TV I bought the Apple TV device. In setting it up I selected to not send data back to Apple yet if the Apple TV is plugged in, even asleep, my wifi light on my router always shows a signal flow even with the TV off and the iPad off. If I unplug the Apple TV...
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    Sound, but No Mirroring Button

    Found it! Working great. I was looking in the wrong place for the on button to get the mirror of the iPad up on the tv screen. It is within a play bar on the left side of the scroll. All advice told me scroll to the right which to me means send everything left to see what's on the right...
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    Premade tracks for garageband Any out there

    Well days later an no reply. I've written apple about it, search all around for them and still no pre recorded tracks to buy for iPad GarageBand. Maybe someday.
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    No mirror icon after 5.0.1 download

    Ok. I got it. The icon is part of a play bar. Duh
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    Ipad2 with remote app

    I can't get the mirror button to show. I've updated, got the right stuff...still no mirror icon. Making me crazy.
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    Sound, but No Mirroring Button

    I have no mirror icon. I've done everything suggested. I can only wonder if my update for Apple TV did not download correctly. I wonder if I can update it again. I got the Apple TV to mirror and that is the one thing I can't do.
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    Premade tracks for garageband Any out there

    I use my iPad and GarageBand for part of my one man band show. I have made a few back up tracks for songs I do but would like to find Premade tracks to skip the laborious effort of DIY. Is there any source yet for loading other's tracks?
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    No mirror icon after 5.0.1 download

    Just got Apple TV to mirror my ipad2. Following the instructions to double click, slide to end of icons shows no mirror icon available. Any suggestions?
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    Lost all photos cannot load them back after ios5 upgrade

    When I get to iTunes to sync my photos to the IPad, there is no "photos" choice anywhere. The new users guide claims you may now transfer photos via the camera adapter but after I copy the photos to an SD card it reads "no photos available. Crazy thing is my memory guide shows I still have...
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    All About Music And Recording

    I lost all my photos in the upgrade.
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    Lost all photos cannot load them back after ios5 upgrade

    With my upgrade to ios5 my photos are gone. I have followed the instructions but can't get them back on my ipad2 by copying them to an SD card then inserting it to the camera adapter. The way these photos first got on my iPad was during my initial set up sync. Now I can find anything on the...
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    How to connect Sure mike to iPad

    I want to record via GarageBand on my iPad 2. How do I get my Sure 58 with XLR connection to plug into an iPad? And, if you know, how do I plug a guitar into an iPad?
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    All About Music And Recording

    So, to record on GarageBand I should go through my camera adapter. How would I get my sure 58 to plug into my camera adapter and once in does the iPad just know there is a mike ready to go?
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    Tried a screen protector but disgarded it.

    I've had my iPad for months now with heavy use. I have found no need for a protector.
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    Garage band pre made tracks?

    Is there a source for pre made garage band song tracks for iPad ? It comes with one. Are there anymore?
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    All About Music And Recording

    Is it true that the 3.5 mm jack on an iPad is both an input and output port?
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    What is your favorite ipad accessory?

    It would be the Xclip but this device is still being developed and evidently hit the market a little too soon to be dependable. So for now it is my Belkin case that gives a stand and nice feel to the Ipad2 instead of holding it naked. Those sharp edges hurt. Like it even though the Ipad keeps...
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    Ipad to TV Wire vs. WiFi

    There is an adapter cable to send your Ipad output to an HDTV via HDMI that says you get wysiwyg out of your TV from the Ipad. The cable is very short and would make you have to keep returning to the ipad to change outputs. So..question is. Does any device like Roku, Igugu, or Apple TV give...
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    Best ipad case?

    The Belkin leather like cover with adjustable landscape stand is a good thing except for one problem. It won't stay aligned in the case. When I get some energy to do so I will go round and round with Belkin again to try to correct the problem. If they just had put a velcro strip along the...
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    ipad 2 case reccomendations?

    I chose a Belkin leather like case with stand. It is great except for one thing. You must continuously be shoving the ipad2 back into position to keep it from sagging out of the the correct position. If feels great, closes well, and the stand is wonderful but it needs a velcro addition to the...
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    Really Curious About the iPad Stylus.. :|

    This forum is money in the bank. Thanks for the advice and I didn't even ask the question.
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    Tried a screen protector but disgarded it.

    How many of you tried to put a screen protector on your Ipad, gave up, and either just threw it away or returned it to the vendor?
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    Where are you from?

    Mobile, Alabama
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    Jessica The Plight of a Midi File

    Jessica --The Plight of a Midi File Part One This is another post that I think belongs in a special area for musicians and others who do a lot with Garage Band and other apps that deal with music and video. It is a story of bewilderment, struggle, and ultimate success yet because of the time...