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  1. Anfield800

    Streaming to Apple Tv

    I've got Apple tv2 and my trusty iPad. I can use various apps to see what's on my PC screen on my iPad, but is there any way to stream that to Apple tv?
  2. Anfield800

    Itunes billing

    Thanks for the reply, for some of us the risks are too high. The avatar is a clue.
  3. Anfield800

    Itunes billing

    I tried to download a film via iTunes on my PC but it failed. If I now download it to the iPad, will I be charged twice?
  4. Anfield800

    Why did you buy your iPad?

    I won mine. Sorry!
  5. Anfield800

    Sky Player - Needs Microsoft Silverlight?

    Sky Player is something different from the Sky app. As far as I know, it can't be done on an iPad.
  6. Anfield800

    What do you want to see in the next ios for ipad v1 and for v2

    I'd like to see full wireless mirroring for my iPad 1 via Apple tv!
  7. Anfield800

    Enable multi-touch gestures on Windows, no jailbreak request

    Worked for me. Could this be done on the iPhone?
  8. Anfield800

    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Switch is working for me, everything is also much faster!
  9. Anfield800

    IPAD - Sticky (not smooth) screen problem !!!!!

    For what it's worth, I've never put anything on my iPad. I clean the screen with a glasses cloth, and if I feel 'stickiness' (is that a word?) I wash my hands. Sorts it for me.
  10. Anfield800

    Remote control app

    I use Tango Remote, works brilliantly.
  11. Anfield800

    iPad use since getting an iPhone4

    I got my iPhone 4 after my iPad. I don't use the iPad any less, I use the iPhone for somethings and the iPad for the rest. I don't surf the web much on the iPhone, or read or watch movies.
  12. Anfield800

    iPad Dock contest !

  13. Anfield800

    Gear Tie

    How about this for a cool ipad stand? Gear Tie
  14. Anfield800

    New iOS 4.2 Announced

    I missed the event, on holiday. So there's no updated os for the ipad until Nov?
  15. Anfield800

    Itunes synchronising m4v to Ipad

    I had a similar problem, although I didn't get the error message. You need to check that the file is the correct format. iTunes on your PC will still play it but won't but it on the iPad if the format is wrong.
  16. Anfield800

    Motorcycling holiday

    Definitely both!
  17. Anfield800

    Problem with a film I can't get to the ipad

    All sorted, for some reason the resolution was far too high, even though it should have been for the iPad. Just playing around with different formats now. No idea why iTunes didn't tell me what the problem was?
  18. Anfield800

    Problem with a film I can't get to the ipad

    Thanks guys, what resolution should I aim for? So far I haven't changed any settings, just selected ipad for the output file.
  19. Anfield800

    Problem with a film I can't get to the ipad

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm desperate for help. I have used a program called DVDFab 7 to rip a DVD. The process has completed ok and the file (M4V file of 303mb) plays in iTunes on my PC fine. However, I cannot get it onto my iPad, no matter what I do. With my iPad...
  20. Anfield800

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    Thanks for all the replies, really helped me make my mind up. Bought an iPhone!
  21. Anfield800

    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    Still not seen one outside of the Apple store!
  22. Anfield800

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    It seems that for quite a few people the carrier is just, if not more, important than the phone itself. Interesting.
  23. Anfield800

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    I have the same problem here with 3. They offer the best contract deal but I won't use them since they tried, repeatedly, to rip me off when I ended a contract with them a few years ago. Gutted really.
  24. Anfield800

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    To be honest I have very little experience of Android, but I am considering the Desire. It would be much cheaper than an iPhone, but, I'm afraid to say, I'm turning into a bit of an Apple fan!
  25. Anfield800

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    . . . And would you now consider one having used the iPad? I'm very impressed with the apps available, in my opinion there are more useful, available apps than for my current windows mobile. My phone contract is up in a few months but I can upgrade now to an iPhone, although the isn't that...
  26. Anfield800

    My iPad is not charging

    Sorry for the bump, but I missed this initially. Has anyone else tried this Asus software? This is Mr Sceptical talking, a piece of software that can up the very low output of my usb socket from somewhere near to 750 ma to 2 amps? Not going to happen. BUT IT DOES!! Try it. Instead of the...
  27. Anfield800

    Just got my iPad. Have a few questions!

    I'm not an expert but I understand that the maximum length is 5m. Any more than that would result in a drop in voltage. I've just ordered a 2m extension rather than any longer, to avoid such problems. 10ft should be ok.
  28. Anfield800

    Just got my iPad. Have a few questions!

    MOST usb outlets can't. In point of fact, 10 watts is only 2 amps via USB (5volts) so any new Mac or reasonably high performance PC should have a USB socket rated a 2 amps. But the best way, to be sure, is with the mains charger.
  29. Anfield800

    How Many Of You Actually Used iPad....

    Always. It's the only way to stop the wife stealing it!
  30. Anfield800

    Using win mobile as modem for Ipad

    Not sure I understand what you are asking, if you have a 3G iPad you can connect via 3G. If you have wifi only, you can connect to your mobile, via wifi, which in turn connects to the web by 3G.
  31. Anfield800

    Using win mobile as modem for Ipad

    Yes, I'm doing it no problem using WMWifi Router. It's £15 But there is a free trial version. Works a treat!
  32. Anfield800

    Italkonline super slim executive case

    Having used this case for a couple of days now I thought I would jot down a few thoughts and share them with you. The case is the italkonline Super slim executive case. The link at the bottom is for Amazon. The first thing to mention is that this is a case and not a stand. If you're...
  33. Anfield800

    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    Ita I've just received this case and I have to say I'm very impressed. The iPad fits securely and the case itself is very slim and discreet. iTALKonline SUPER SLIM Executive BLACK Wallet Case: Electronics & Photo
  34. Anfield800

    Update fears

    When my iPad arrived the update was already available. I did it anyway and certainly haven't had any problems at all!
  35. Anfield800

    Email help

    Thanks, got it sorted now.
  36. Anfield800

    Email help

    I'm using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
  37. Anfield800

    Email help

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but it won't be the last. I've now got to grips with itunes a little so I'm slowly working my way through various things. I'm trying to sort out email on my ipad, so I click on my ipad under devices (in itunes), click on the info tab and scroll down...
  38. Anfield800

    iTunes question

    Sorry for the bounce, and this seems like a stupid question to ask, but how do I play an album? I can play the first track, or manually select all the tracks, is there no way of just playing an album without all the hassle?
  39. Anfield800

    Where to find a cheap iPad?

    Please don't think I'm rubbing it in but I won mine, it's due tomorrow. There are quite a lot of online competitions at the moment, do a search and see what you can find.
  40. Anfield800

    iTunes question

    Just what I wanted. Thanks. Standby for more stupid (newb) questions tomorrow!