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    Wifi problem

    This isn't my strongest area, but I think I may have had a similar problem that I fixed by setting the DNS on my router to (google's DNS). Not sure if that's gonna do anything for you but it definitely sounds like a router problem.
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    Ipad 2 and Youtube issue, please help!

    Have you tried it with itubelist and (most importantly) protube uninstalled? Also, I haven't heard of any problems that would relate, but which jailbreak method did you use?
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    SOS only

    Try doing a hard boot. Hold down the home button and the power/wake button for 10 seconds and ignore the slide to close notice. Did it work?
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    YouTube locked in portrait

    To double check: Go into Settings > General > Use side switch to. If its set to lock rotation, flip the switch next to the volume rocker. If its set to mute, double tap the home button, swipe the bar that just popped up to the left, and tap the button on the far left. If this doesn't help you...
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    How to import movies from computer to an ipad?

    Officially AVI files are supported on iPads, but only certain types. If iTunes isn't recognizing it, your best bet is to find a converter that will convert it to an iPad compatible version
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    Youtube app can't login

    Have you confirmed your new accounts email?