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  1. Japaholic

    Not compatible with Ipad!

    Wanted to start a thread n "things not compatible with iPad" to create a list of problem areas. For example, the instant photo booth in boots will not accept a Bluetooth connection from an iPad. It doesn't work. Also, my Alcatel one touch phone wont Bluetooth with the iPad either. Do you know...
  2. Japaholic

    New iPad Mini Rumours Surface in China Today

    Isn't the iPad mini an iPod touch? Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  3. Japaholic

    Bluetooth keyboards

    Bought a generic one from eBay for £17, it does work but it's not great. Anyone got and good recommendations for a descent price? What would / wouldnt you recommend? Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  4. Japaholic

    Camera connection kit

    Airstash is brilliant, your all in one solution to the problem of iPad expansion. With this airstash and drop box all my problems are solved. Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  5. Japaholic

    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    Twice a week, to jiggle content Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  6. Japaholic

    Camera connection kit

    Thanks for the tips but I have opted to buy an air stash as I have loads of sd cards kicking about, it'll do more than the camera kit (I hope!) it's on the way, I'll let you now when it arrives. Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  7. Japaholic

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    Agreed, very convenient. Very happy with it. Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  8. Japaholic

    Camera connection kit

    As anyone tried these? I have been in our local apple store a couple of times and the staff are too busy or too rude to speak to me. Bought a cheap one of Amazon which didn't seem to do anything and got returned. I'd like to be able to transfer shots from my camera to my iPad without using a...
  9. Japaholic

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    I have bought a couple of the 3gb preloaded sims from 3, can't seem to find a better deal anywhere else. The d/l speed is about 3mbps and the up about 2 which is faster than my home bb. Home bb download is 10mb and up barely 1mb. The cards work even when on only 1 bar and gets faster depending...
  10. Japaholic

    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    USB slot for external hdd's and a micro sd card slot. Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  11. Japaholic

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, it's very valuable to hear what others think on this topic. I wanted payg but orange were unable to provide that, they offer pay as you consume by rolling one month dd contract BUT that's not payg. I got a 3gb prepaid iPad micro sim (3) from amazon, so far...
  12. Japaholic

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    Would like to know what service provider people consider to be the best? I use wifi mainly, I don't want a contract package but do want mobile data occasionally. As I have an orange phone I ordered an orange sim when I bought my iPad. However, I found their customer service to be lacking so...
  13. Japaholic


    :D Being a pc man most of my adult life I have now bitten the bullet and bought a "new iPad". What a revalation, it's changed the way I use technology forever. That said, it's a slow learning curve, that's why I came here. For tips and tricks I may not stumble on by myself. Anyway...