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    Ace Tennis 2010 HD Out Today For iPad

    I wish they had a option to not use accelerometer. Would like to play at doctors office or any waiting room with out looking crazy.
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    IPAD Google Maps

    I can not find out for the life of me how to send my location "send to phone" from the google app or from google maps in safari! THis feature is really useful on my windows laptop "all browsers" if i need to give some one directions and dosent require any type of phone service...Anyone no how...
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    iPad Mobile Me Users?

    I never had gps security on my laptop or netbook I don't see why all of a sudden why I would spend $100 Yr!!!! I look at this like a big phone. Windows and Android have programs that do the same thing for free!
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    Can you connect an iPad to a wireless audio receiver?

    Only limitation is you can't control volume from Ipad...Now that sucks. I use a Bluetooth receiver made by Belkin that plugs in by RCA or 3.5m jack.
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    Volume control on bluetooth headphones (hardware or software)?

    Bump this....Does anyone know why i cant control volume output through "ipod software" on my ipad...There is no way to turn sound down! Anyone found a way to fix this issue? That sucks i cant turn the sound down from the source!
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    I want an Ipad!!!

    Put your name on more then one store list... And check out the guy above
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    I want an Ipad!!!

    Well i signed up over the phone for them to email me no money down....They emailed me the next saying the wifi version was in. I signed up for a wifi and the 3g one. When i got there they only had the wifi. I had changed my mind and told the lady i ordered 3g "which was not in stock for me...
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    The Reason for No Flash

    If flash was included the product would cost way more...This is no more then a console like ps3,wii,xbox, etc.... Requires you to use there media. If you could use another console game/application, the price would be higher because the company cant bank on a proprietary system apps/games. I will...