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    [NEW] Age of Heroes Promotion Code / ID : SUPREME

    Hello everyone, With its special launch, Age of Heroes is offering a promotion offer! Use the following ID upon registration: SUPREME And you will receive special rewards: Rare Card + Potions + ... Hurry before promotion is over! App is FREE on itunes...
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    Reign of Summoners referral code

    Clan DIABLO is almost full, but FORTUNATELY that code is still working ! Hurry and use : 1iugoufd
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    Reign of Summoners referral code

    Here's a working referral code for great bonus of SuperRare Card And 30,000 silver ! 1iugoufd Clan proposition : DIABLO
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    NEW (25-04-2013) Galaxy Age ! Free VIP and Corp STAR FLEET !

    Galaxy Age has just been launched ! It is offering VIP 1 (worth about 5$ real money) for all players who join now for FREE VIP. Size is only 20Mb. Graphics are superb ! Full tutorial at start ! FREE Xp and Money when Joining Special Corp Named STAR FLEET ! Limited Free Offer ! Hurry and Join !
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    Steampunk Add Me Thread 1st and Biggest !

    Steampunk Game is free game from Gameforge !
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    Steampunk Add Me Thread 1st and Biggest !

    Rule is simple, add all on list then put your code in this thread. I will continuously sum up ! 169.355.915 243.011.588 Go go go
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    Spirit Fencer (free new MMORPG)

    Do you want to test a new MMORPG (unique in its battle system) ? It's a bit like Tetris challenge but way cooler ! Try spirit fencer (free in app-store) ! Just download the application and then hit multiplayer or campaign to start enjoying the game ! See you there !
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    Stone age add friend request - add clan request

    Tone age is a new game released today 08/09/2012 Add me to your clan by using the code : TVEKZJ DIABLO
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    Demon busters friends

    NEW : Calling all level 20+ or power 10,000+ players out there, to unite together and farm demons. Leave a reply here if interested !
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    Demon busters friends

    Game still very new, don't hesitate giving it a shot, specially with this temporary boost ! Use U3PHP2 as invitation code.
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    Demon busters friends

    Hi ! For all demon busters players (new game from app store and FREE) Join the game and use U3PHP2 as invitation id to get the special card !!! See you in-game ! Cheers !
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    City of war & allies

    City of war Allies / Friends Add me thread for City of War Name : DlABLO (copy paste because second letter is L small caps not I ) Cheers !
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    Dungeon Hunter 3 Friend List

    Add me morcos008 daily gifter, need gift senders too !