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    Question about "Return Policy"

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows what the return policy is on a wi-fi ipad with intermittent wi-fi problems? For the first week or so, my wi-fi worked without a problem, but now it is acting up. I've used the same router / wi-fi system from the get-go. I've come to the conclusion that...
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    iTunes v9.1.1 Released

    I've got to wonder if this fixed the wi-fi issue? I just downloaded the iTunes update and I wonder what it means when it says, "Addressed other issues that improve stability and performance."??? Wi-fi fix?
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    2 Great Websites For iPad Owners

    I don't know......good question, tho. Maybe we need to email that website and request it.
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    2 Great Websites For iPad Owners

    I'm not sure what is going on there, ivan? I thumbed through each section and went 15 or 20 pages deep and it did not repeat any apps. When I went through all of the NEW section (iPhone and iPad stuff on ALL)' after about 10 pages, I was only a few hours into what was being posted.......this...
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    2 Great Websites For iPad Owners

    Try these websites: For Great Wallpapers with High Res Graphics - I normally download the 1600 X 1200 size... looks great and crystal clear. For an excellent ipad / iphone app website that displays every ipad/iphone app available - This website has the...
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    My ipad wi-fi is acting flakey

    I think I fixed it. I took Apple's advice and I "reset" the network. You go into settings and click on reset..... Then click on reset network. Seems to be working like a charm again. I'm guessing that one of the apps screwed with the network settings somehow. Only time will tell. So far...
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    My ipad wi-fi is acting flakey

    One other thing: my wi-fi crashed a moment ago and I went to settings. I then turned the wi-fi off and the on. Bingo! It worked again without booting the iPad. Hmmmmmm...... Any ideas or suggestions on what is going on? I haven't waxed the memory yet......I'm trying other ideas first.
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    My ipad wi-fi is acting flakey

    I'm not so sure that it's the hardware. I believe that after I downloaded "at bat" or some other app this week, then the wi-fi started to act goofy. If it was hardware problems, then why does it correct itself after a reboot? Just to experiment, I'm going to "wax" the memory and run the iPad...
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    My ipad wi-fi is acting flakey

    Hi everyone. I love this site.... great stuff. When I first got the iPad on April 3rd, I downloaded about 100 apps.... some of the apps would crash quite a bit and I would have to reboot the iPad on a constant basis (once every 1/2 hour or so); but then things seemed to work itself out...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    I pre-ordered on Friday afternoon. 32gb + wi-fi only Here is the order #: W68819237
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    Hello from the High Plains of the United States

    Howdy. I use to be a "PC" guy, but now I'm quickly being converted over to "Apple." I have pre-ordered the IPAD 32G wi-fi unit (W68819237). I believe that the IPHONE / IPOD TOUCH is one of the greatest inventions of all time. So, who wouldn't want one with a 9.7 in screen? :D I can't wait...