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    Conan The King

    I'm looking for a particular hi def still from Schwarzenegger's Conan The Barbarian to use as wallpaper on my new iPad 3.*It's the last shot in the movie, which shows Conan brooding on his throne, which Mako in voiceover tells us he gains after many adventures. Since BluRay has become more...
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    USB Connection

    I know about the iPad app since I am going to use the Totale option but I need to be able to speak and hear through a headset to make use of it. This is apparently no problem iPad 2 and 3 and despite the lack of a direct USB connection I cannot believe there is no way to interface with an...
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    USB Connection

    I know there is no USB port on the Original IPad, but I need to interface with a USB headset (mic and headphones) as provided by Rosetta Stone. Is there an Apple connector-to-female USB cable to allow this? There is, of course, an app to allow Rosetta Stone on the iPad and iPhone. Thanks...
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    Office App Comparison

    For RedCoil: I have a spreadsheet originally created in Excel and updated variously in Excel (at work) and Open Office/LibreOffice (at home) transported baxk and forth on thumb drive. Now my office has converted to Windows 7 and locked down thumb drives. That's fine; it's their system. So I...
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    spreadsheet app

    I have a spreadsheet originally created in Excel and updated variously in Excel (at work) and Open Office/LibreOffice (at home) transported baxk and forth on thumb drive. Now my office has converted to Windows 7 and locked down thumb drives. That's fine; it's their system. So I figure the thing...
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    Jetan (Burroughs Martian chess)

    I'm rereading Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter series (on my iPad, of course) and I wondered if anyone had ever thought of an app for his Martian chess. With the gorgeous graphics on the iPad, it could really be something. And, yes, there's a Martian chess app but it's not jetan, which is what...
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    Apple Default Apps.

    Thanks! Do I correctly assume that the backup that was taken when I installed IOS5 will suffice? And, since my "mod" corrupted the file system, won't any backup taken subsequently either by me or by iTunes in another update or sync, be itself corrupted?
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    Apple Default Apps.

    I took everything out of my R & W folder, recreated it and immediately put Newsstand in it, followed by everything else. Worked fine, but was not aware that using the app later might cause a crash. Since I never planned to use Newsstand in any case, this should not be a problem. Just in case...
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    Apple Default Apps.

    I have a folder called R W where I have al my reading and writing apps. That's where I'm trying to put it . . . but it won't go!
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    Apple Default Apps.

    Is there a way to move Newsstand into a subgroup?
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    Silly question time

    Thanks, Somerled! newt0nsbump
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    Silly question time

    I've updated my 64G iPad (sorry, no interest in iPad 2) to 4.3 and am currently updating my iPhone 3GS. I'm also downloading the latest version of Safari, iTunes and Quicktime to my PC. My question is whether I have the latest version of Safari on my mobile devices. Or, does this matter, i...
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    So many ipad wallpapers

    Just spent a buncha time at this website. One small question: Who the hell is Lucy Pinder? newt0nsbump:)
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    Maltese Falcon

    Okay, no one's answered my question, though many have read my post. I'm not upset; no one has a hi res of what I want. I will, however, slightly alter my question: if no one has a hi res of the picture I want, how can I make one myself? Thanks! newt0nsbump
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    Maltese Falcon

    I have a wallpaper on my iPad of a still with all the principals cluetered around the Black Bird. Trouble is, it's not hi res so it looks really crappy. Does anyone out there know where I can find something better? Newt0nsbump
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    iOS 4.e WiFi FAIL

    No wifi Nothing on this page has helped me get my WiFi working. I was havingg a problem sending/receving email, but I fixed this by restoring factory settings. Email working fine now, but I have no wifi even though iPad recogiozes my home network. And, as of this moment, my ipad is less than...
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    Can't receive email

    On any account. It says it's connecting, but it never does. I don't know I'd this is related to the new upgrade. Any ideas? Thanks! newt0nsbump P. S.q. Safari working okay.
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    Ipad and Dropbox--hyperlinks

    I posted the following on the Dropbox forum. Now I'm posting it and the reply here. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! newt0nsbump I have a file created in word saved in rtf format. There are some web sites therein which are hyperlinks. I uploaded to my dropbox and now many things are...
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    IPod App Problem

    Nevee mind. Apparently, it affected only one podcast, so I'll assume the problem was at the source. Thanks! newt0nsbump
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    IPod App Problem

    What asterisks? The app I was referring to was the OS update apple recently released (not 4.0, of course). newt0nsbump
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    IPod App Problem

    I download podcasts and they play fine in the iPod app. *But theslidebar that shows elapsed and time remaining is stuck at 0:00:00. *I did not notice this until after I applied the security app. *Is it related to that and how do I fix it? *It behaved normally when I bought the iPad. Thanks...
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    Is there an app . . .

    That will allow me to monitor prices in the iBooks and Kindle stores. I don't mean monitoring in the background, only providing the required info for books I've listed whenever I open the app. I believe such a thing is available on desktops but I'd like it on the iPad, since that's where I...
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    I want . . .

    A native Dvorak keyboard. There are apps to provide this, but the layout only remains in effect within the app. This is unacceptable, especially since every foreign keyboard you can think of is supported onscreen (and, be honest, most of these none of us will ever use regardless of your...
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    Dvorak Keyboard

    Is there a way to unbuy an app? I just bought a Dvorak keyboard and the found out it only works within the app. It was only a couple of bucks so I won't die if I can't unbuy it, but what I really want is one native to the iPad that works across all apps. Odd that the iPad lets you specify the...
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    Can You Do This?

    I want to have my iPad shipped to my workplace, where I do not have access to iTunes. Can I get the Kindle App for the iPad and thus use it as my ereader until I get home where I do have iTunes and will gladly sync then. And, no, I would prefer not to ship to my home address. newt0nsbump