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    Prepared for shipment!

    I ordered a white one.
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    Prepared for shipment!

    64G ATT 3G on its way!!! Just checked status on my order (placed 12:55AM on launch day) and both my 64G 3G (ATT) and black leather smart cover have shipped out of China. ETA is this Friday for both. Odd thing is iP2 shipped FedEx and the cover shipped UPS. FedEx is more reliable here in...
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    My own adjustable iPad stand

    Simple and it works! I love it....
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    Do you think the Ipad would be good for business purposes?

    Soundpaper works great for taking notes while recording audio. Taking notes during meetings was one the top reasons why I bought the iPad and it hasn't disappointed yet. No more taking notes on paper with the intent of transposing to some electronic format and never getting to it (even if it's...
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    Did anybody 'Reserve' their iPad In-Store?

    Agree with rmscteve, except I think Brad was a little harsh to start. We're all here to help each other out right? If you're not of that mindset you really shouldn't be here, and definitely not post just to be rude. What happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say then shut the f__k...
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    Infrared remote control

    The iPad is a natural for replacing ALL of your living room remotes. If some developer would come up with a decent solution that's relatively simple to program and operate it'd be a winner. Think about it, how many of our ipads reside in the living room or close to it... There's a device out...
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    3G and 4G support and upgrades

    I'm fairly certain this is correct. If anything we're waiting for the HSDPA rollout, supposedly starting late this year (for some), and supposedly fully supported by current iPhone 3GS (and I assume 3G ipads). Don't hold your breath for LTE, at least not on ATT. Sounds familiar huh????
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    You don't need to take a copy of the email with you to pick up the iPad (I didn't when I picked up mine). You will need some form of ID. Unfortunately if you just go in and tell them you got the email they'll ask for your name and check if "your" iPad came in with their latest shipment. I...
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    What size should I get? 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB

    Agree 200%!!!!!! I have a 64GB 3G and have yet to activate the 3G. But the day will come when I will need the 3G to close a major deal and the 3G ipad will pay for its self many times over. Love that motto by the way, something that most business owners should live by.
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    This is correct. You need to get on a machine in an actual store to do the reservation. Sorry about your 9 day wait, I recently got mine via the reserve list and I ended up waiting 8 days so hopefully your order will get filled soon. If it makes you feel better the store rep also told me that...
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    I want an Ipad!!!

    I put myself on the store waitlist and got my 64GB 3G in 8 days. I already had my 64GB wifi to tide me over so the 8 days went by fast. You might also look into Best Buy. Just an FYI, I've had this 64GB 3G for over a week now and haven't turned the 3G on yet.
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    Virus question

    There have been reports of virus's hitting iPhones that have been jail broken. I haven't really researched this as I have no intent on ever jail breaking my iPhone or iPad but it may be worth looking into if you are going to jailbreak your iPad and surf the net.
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    Wal-Mart May Sell Apple IPad This Year in Electronics Expansion

    Not sure about WalMart stocking a lot of iPad accessories. Their selection of iPhone accessories is skimpy, not to mention they don't put it all in one place. Maybe it's just the Hawaii stores but every one I've been in has a terrible electronics department (stuff on display wherever, shelves...
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    iPad 3G VS. 4G at 1:00 of Video

    OK, I have a Sprint 3G/4G Overdrive mobilehotspot and I only get marginally better connection speeds than my iPhone (ATT 3G). Yes, we do have full Sprint 4G here in Honolulu. I haven't had the time to call Sprint's customer service yet (I know how that's going to go) but am not 100% satisfied...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    If you don't mind using Sprint, their Overdrive mobile hotspot is decent. It's a 3/4G modem so if you're lucky enough to be in one of Sprint's 4G areas you can connect to that system and take advantage of the supposedly better speeds. In Honolulu I'm only getting moderate speeds via 4G...
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    Is the iPad a laptop replacement?

    I was without my 17" mbp for most of last week and my iPad did an admirable job as a replacement. I did end up pulling out my old 15"mbp a couple of times but for the most part the iPad did the job. Love this thing for note taking in meetings (once everyone stops asking questions about it). I...
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    Think first!

    Agree completely. The original intent of the thread looked to be an inquiry into "3G or not 3G". As far as the off topic of "iPad as a phone on ATT", I too would like to see an app that ties the iPad, iPhone and a Bluetooth headset together. Even more awesome would be using the iPad for...
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    Can iPad see this video ACTUALLY no lag?

    No lag here either (via home wifi). I'm on Time Warner roadrunner in Honolulu and I think they just upgraded our system. I was getting over 20megs download the other night, used to be only 10-15 at best. Guess that should help huh? Love the Japan scenery by the way, notice how there's zero...
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    I started with the original Palm PDA and stayed with them until I dumped my Treo 720P for my first iPhone. I was a definite fan until then and am still mildly interested to see how it might play out if HP redesigns the Slate to run off of WebOS. They'll have a tough go of it at least partially...
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    Neofonie Caves to Apple

    I don't know (or care) much about what the "Wee-whatever" is all about. I know the iPad will stomp it into tomorrow as a better device. Question I have is why would anyone want to use the ????Pad name for anything in the first place (other than to try and associate its self as an iPad'esque...
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    32 or 64 Gig

    This is probably the best advice. As others have said, if you buy the 16 or 32 because you don't want to spend the extra dough (but actually have the means) and you end up running out of space, you're going to end up kicking yourself. If you get the 64 and run out of space .... well there...
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    Lousy wi-fi reception

    I just unboxed my 3G the other day and haven't used it much (everything's on my 64G wifi). I gotta check this issue out. If the static IP is the solution I'm screwed because it isn't an option for Time Warner residential service in Honolulu. I need to get both ipads going, had to fight my 2...
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    Iphone sync cable not same as ipad cable

    As with others, I'm using multiple cables (all genuine Apple) with no issues. I like the older cables with the lock/release thing, don't like the newer one that's smaller and you just yank out. Not sure how those aftermarket cables would work, especially one that's 6 feet long. What I've...
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    Lousy wi-fi reception

    Many others claim to have had similar issues. If you have the means, get to an Apple store and have them check it out. There have been units with production issues (inevitable when you're making millions of them). If it checks out ok, then you are probably the problem. Not trying to be mean...
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I do see your point and have had similar issues with the ipad drawing attention whenever I take it out, be it in a Starbucks (less attantion grabbing) or at meetings for work (way more attention grabbing). That's something that will definitely drop off as time goes on and more iPads make their...
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    WiFi Ipad on an airplane?

    I've taken several flights with my wifi iPad with zero issues. Shut it off on take-off/landing and keep wifi and Bluetooth off the whole time (unless the flight offers wifi). iPad usually draws a decent level of attention (at least for now) but all the flight attendants I've talked to knew what...
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    I understand your frustration with the ipad's on screen keyboard, it takes a while to get used to. My 17" Macbook Pro is with Apple right now for a display issue so I'm trying to use my iPad for work (I do have a spare macbook pro) and the best thing I've done is connect my bluetooth keyboard...
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    *WARNING* 3G service

    This is a great suggestion. I'm going to use it and see if the $15 plan will suffice for my 32G 3G. I'm not one who will be carrying this with me everywhere I go and I do have a mobile hotspot that I can take along if I know I'll need cell coverage (say a meeting in a client's office).
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    *WARNING* 3G service

    I think the "unlimited" iPad plan is actually capped at 5Gigs. That's a lot until you start downloading movies. I've been using a 64G wifi iPad since the launch and have been able to get by without the 3G decently well. I did pick up a Sprint Overdrive mobile hotspot to try out and used it...
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    For the people who have 16gb model, is it enough

    Biggest memory hog by far has been video so if you don't plan on storing any of it on your iPad then 16G may be enough. I say "may" be because there could come the time when your iPad isn't in reach of your stored video library (say when you're on vacation) and you'll want to take some of those...
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    Do iPad 3G work with other carrier than ATT

    I think I've read that you can use the ATT card overseas but you'll be hit with some stiff roaming fees. Overseas sim cards are supposed to work but unless you already have an account in say England, I can't see how it'll be feasible to open a new account while there on vacation (different...
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    Question about "Return Policy"

    Thanks sleek! $70 is kinda steep. I too have a 64G wifi iPad that I'm debating about returning since I also have a 3G iPad (still sitting in the box). If the wife isn't going to use it much then it'll become a $700 coffee table ornament. The 2 year old does love it though....
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    Do iPad 3G work with other carrier than ATT

    Verizon and Sprint don't use sim cards, different technology so I doubt you'd be able to force it to work without some major surgery. I think its the same reason why you could hack an iPhone to work on T-Mobile but not V or S. If you do get it to work reliably and cheaply you may be able to...
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    Question about "Return Policy"

    Hey Sleek, how much was the restock fee?
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    iPad Spirit Jailbreak Released

    Isn't there another area of this forum where this discussion should be taken?! I've always been irritated with the iPhone jailbreak freaks that infect a forum with their "my jailbroken iPhone can _______". Hopefully that isn't starting with iPad users here too. There are those of us who don't...
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    iPad Concealed Carry

    Same problem here. I bought the iPad originally to take notes during meetings (in addition to email, web surfing, etc.). I had been taking notes on my MacBook Pro but the screen gets in the way when trying to talk to others at a table and the clicking of the keyboard can be distracting. The...
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    I sold my iPad...

    Luckily you didn't sell it because you were planning on getting an HP Slate..... Sorry....had to throw that in there...
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    Question about "Return Policy"

    If you're still within the 2 week return period you should have no problems. I'd try calling Apple first and see what they can do for you over the phone. If you don't get the results you want, I'd do the drive and get in front of a real person. Like many on this and other forums have noted...
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    Wifi vs 3G wifi speed/reception

    Has anyone with both wifi and 3G/wifi iPads done a wifi speed and reception comparison? I'm curious. I already have a 64G wifi that I've been using since the original launch and I also pre-ordered a 32G 3G that I'm unsure if I'll be keeping (yes, it's actually still in the box). Knowing me...
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    Did apple charge your credit card today ??? They did mine

    Depending on where you're at ATT is already overwhelmed. I'm lucky, in Honolulu ATT is pretty solid. Every time I travel to the west coast (LA, San Fran, ...) I understand why a lot of these folks are pissed. Try sitting in LAX and see what good ATT's 3G is gonna do for you there. Felt like my...