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    iPad Photos so slow

    So I am viewing a few pictures using my ipad along with a few wallpapers and it takes soooo long for the ipad to finish buffering/processing the image. Is it because there is just too many pixels for the ipad to handle? Images either show a floral pattern or is either blurry when buffering the...
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    iPad 3 Yellow Border!?!

    Exactly!, especially in landscape mode, it is very visible on the left and the bottom. My ipad so far has very minimum backlight bleeding but the only problem is just the yellow tint. You think the warranty covers the yellow screen?
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    iPad 3 Yellow Border!?!

    This is my second ipad since the first one had quite a few dead pixels. The yellow tint is not all over my screen, however I can clearly see that it is a border around my screen. To make it clearer, my ipad looks like this: Obviously it is not that yellow, but it is similar to the color as a...
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    When is my 14 day return date over?

    So when the new ipad came out, I preordered it on the 10th, and it shipped on the 16th. I am sure that my 14 day period starts on the 16th. However, on the 20th, I went to exchange my ipad for another one because there were dead pixels found on it. So the question is.. Would my new 14 day...