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    Winterboard for iPad

    Winterboard is working on mine. I have a few iPad specific themes and one video theme.
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    Video themes

    Has anyone tried using video themes from cydia on your iPad? I've only found one theme strictly for for the iPad using winterboard, but I was wondering about the video themes.......
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    t-Mobile prepaid and iPad

    ??????? don't understand the need if you can have unlimited 3G for $30 from little brother (AT&T)
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    Question about "Return Policy"

    10% difference in price, which for me was $70 since I had the 64g version ($699).
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    Question about "Return Policy"

    I bought my 64g wifi on April 16th at the Apple store and returned it on 3G launch day without a hitch. Just paynthe restock fee and you should be good to go! They didn't even open my box with the old iPad, they just took the old one and gave me a new one.
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    My 14th day on april 30th

    iPad 64g Thanks for all the replies guys. I don't mind taking a hit for the restock fee and the past 2weeks I think I realized thatni don't quite need 64g of mobile memory(lol). I'm going to get the 32g+wifi version on Friday so I will only be out another 30 bucks..... A small price to pay for...
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    My 14th day on april 30th

    Proud owner of a 64G wifi iPad that I purchased on April 16th and when I found out the release date for the 3G, I started calculating. It will be exactly 14 days on the 30th and the Apple return policy is a maximum of 14 days with a 10% restock fee. I think I will be in line ready to take the...