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    How to complete the level 37 of Letris 3

    Hi, Basically you have to generate vertical lasers to destroy the ices. As you must know the lasers are generated when you forming words with slide control. Vertical lasers are generated when you finish the word vertically. You can watch this video with some laser examples:
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    Woodroid: Brick Breaker for all ages (Universal + Gratis)

    "][/CENTER] Mix the brick breaker gameplay with pixelart graphics and awesome visual effects to enjoy this universal FREE iOS game named Woodroid. Web: MODERATOR NOTICE: EXTERNAL LINKS REMOVED-PLEASE READ THE RULES. Video youtube: iTunes Download: (FREE) App Store - Woodroid: Brick...
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    Letris 2 - Universal iOS FREE game mixing ideas from TETRIS & SCRABBLE

    Hi! Letris is a iOS FREE game mixing concepts of Tetris and Scrabble. A simple concept that will catch you with frenetic gameplay while trying to defeat the next level and beat your own score.