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    Ipad shuts down in heat lawsuit.

    I have the overheating problem. I AM NOT PART OF THIS LAWSUIT! It occurred the first time in 70 degree weather after 5 minutes of use. I was told that this happened because I was in sunlight. I explained to them that I had purchased the Ipad to replace a kindle and their ads stated, at the time...
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    Could Apple update the iPad very soon?

    I was speaking to an apple tech rep today about my wifi and over temp problems. She stated right after the new 4 G iPhone and touch software is introduced they intend to introduce an update for the Ipad to address my problems. She made it sound like it was only a few weeks away. I hope she was...
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    Over temp my problem

    Apple would not consider a replacement. Their attitude was since it was in the sun it was my fault and I should know better and use the iPad inside. It was very similar to Audi about 15 years ago when their cars experienced sudden acceleration and placed the blame on their stupid customers. I...
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    Over temp my problem

    I am in the Boston area. It was about 70 today. I was using my Ipad on the back of a boat for about 15 minutes and it shut down due to over temp. I called tech support and was informed that the fix was not to use the iPad in the sun. I explained that it was only 70 in Boston and that met their...
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    Help Adding files to mail

    How do I add additional files to the email program? I would like to add a save file and several others to manage saved emails I do not want to keep in the in box or delete.