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    iPad keeps crashing!

    Yes! Made a late call to Apple Tech. They ran through it with me, between crashes. Not a software problem. Went in and got a new one! Apple care. While I was there they gave my son a new one with iOS6 on it (older iPad). He'd cracked his screen over the edge bezel, but iPad worked Fine. his...
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    Writing in increments before it crashes
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    Tried reset, wipe all. Crashed multiple times. Won't reset, erase, can't turn off find my iPad.
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    OP: Crashed 5 times writing this, Sometimes a grey screen descends first other times just goes black.
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    OP here. Started crashing again. iOS 7 update installed fine. Hard starts don't help. May have to take it to A store or Wipe it.
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    It's stopped after I cleared the internet data. Must have been that. Still won't download iOS 7.0.4, maybe later.
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    iPad keeps crashing!

    Just this PM my iPad retina keeps crashing. Minutes after opening. Closed all apps. Did restart, hard start, Still crashing. just now the notice for iOS 7.0.4 came up and every time (lots) I try to download it has an error notice. Would you recommend wiping and restoring then downloading from...
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    Safari crashes w/ios7

    anyone else have this? happens if I have a long page on FB or another page, ie comments, etc.
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    My iPad camera won't switch video on. Why?

    The video doesn't seem to switch. I touch the word VIDEO, but it won't switch to that or to SQUARE.
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    'Switch off' sound

    Since I updated to iOS 7 there's a sound when I turn off my iPad. How do I mute it? All my Sound settings are off, but this one persists.
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    Safari audio turns off

    My new iPad 4 (64G) shuts off the audio after a few minutes. Safari doesn't crash, but the streaming radio stops. I've looked everywhere for a solution. This is my 3rd iPad, and the others didn't do this. I've set the auto lock to Never, looked at all the Safari settings, but no luck. I've...
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    Just ordered from Apple online!

    My 64g Verizon has a removable sim card
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    Ipads@ Walmart

    I saw Ipad2s advertised @ Walmart for $829, but the boxes say iPad not iPad2. The salesgirls say that they're iPad2s. Anyone have a way I can be sure without buying one and opening it?