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    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    i haven't been on this forum in awhile. I've already sold my Ipad with retina display, and will be ordering the Air as soon as it's available.
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    I haven't visited this forum in awhile. I'm pretty happy with my Ipad 2. I had the original Ipad and got the 2nd gen for more storage. It will be tempting but, I think I'll stick with my Ipad 2.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I finally got it installed. When I got a message that said the server was unavailable (like I had been told) I stopped for a while, tried it again and, it worked.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I've got that far and, it still failed. I guess I have to keep trying or just wait until later.
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    Ios problems

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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    Thank you. I tried it on my windows computer and, it seemed like it was going to work but, now it's stuck in recovery mode. I'll try again or later.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I think there may be some confusion. I'm not sure about anyone else but, this is happening after I've downloaded the update. I don't get a error 3200 (or whatever it is) when it tries to extract the software to do the actual upgrade is when this happens. It just says it can't restore because of...
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    Ios problems

    WTH! that's the first thing most people would try! it's not working Thank you!
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    Ios problems

    I think this may be a common issue. I have Itunes 10.5, it updated to that last night.
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    Ios problems

    I'm having the same problem with my Ipad 2.
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    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    This is a interesting thread. I guess I should tell my story. I have the Ipad 2 and love it but, I got the Xoom on launch day. I returned it but, don't laugh; I went back and got it again. I like both devices but, if pushed to chose; I would keep the Ipad. I'm just a tech geek . I own a...
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    How much should i sell my ipad 2 on craigslist?

    It's seems like returning it would be the best option but, if it's too late; Ebay is the next best and safest. The fees can be a killer though. A week ago you may have been able to sell it for more than retail but, demand seems to be slowing down now. Good luck.
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    here comes the competition...part 2

    I wouldn't care for Samsung's touchwiz UI. I wish the manufactures would quit putting their own UI on top of the OS.
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    How much space do I really need? (everyone has this prob)

    I would go for the 64Gb if you can afford it but, I agree with the advice about the 32Gb being a good starter choice. When I got the 1st gen Ipad, it was just the 16Gb model. I didn't know until i started using it how much I'd need but, when I started putting movies and music on it, it filled up...
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    Printing from iPad 2

    Awesome answer! I was just poking around and saw were prin -n- share was integrated with Airprint in Pages. I thought that was cool.
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    Yeah, I got 10 movies on my Ipad, that I converted. :)
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    Prepared for shipment!

    Wow, this thread has really took off. Good luck to you all and, I hope you receive your Ipads soon, I'm really enjoying mine.
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    To the original poster, I also think it depends on what ou want to do. The Ipad does some nice things I like to do with my business. I had a Motorola Xoom and, it is a nice device but, I still don't think it's even close to what you may want to do.
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    IPad 2 baatery and charger

    Since I've been using The iPad 2, I have noticed that the battery is not as good as the original so far. I've noticed with these type of devices, that it's get better after a few charge & discharge cycles. I never let my iPad 1 drop too low either and it worked really well before. I have the...
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    Screen leaking right on bottom (on the screen, where home button is)

    Hmm, I checked mine and I saw a little leakage. I wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't been reading about it on here, which made me want to check it. I had to use a dark wallpaper and, turn out all the lights to notice it and, even then it wasn't that bad and hard to see. I don't think...
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    For the people who gripe there is no retina display on the iPad

    I've always liked the Ipads display and never understood why it had to have the retina display. That's one of the things I always here on forums that people want.
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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    I signed up for Verizon service because, I didn't think I'd be able to use the Ispot and, when I re-started the Ipad (to try and get Verizon to work) it worked. I had previously trade to install updated firmware but, it just froze and said it was updating and never did.
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    I don't know if this got solved yet but, I had the same problem and this it what worked for me. I called Verizon and the guy who helped me was very good. He told me to try to log on to my Verizon account without wi-fi on first. That didn't work so, he had me just restart the Ipad and, after that...
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    Prepared for shipment!

    I was thinking because it's At & T but, this thread got so long I don't remember the trends. it seem like I heard a lot of different versions not shipping as fast. I ordered 14 minutes after you (4:17 EST) and I got mine today, a 64GB white Verizon model.
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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    It works now. I tried updated the firmware and, it didn't work like the instructions. I then restarted the Ipad when setting up my Verizon service. I don't know which solved it, probably restarting the Ipad, which is simple and something I should have thought of.
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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    I guess no one knows. This is frustrating and the clear people can't even help. I guess I' ll be canceling and selling it on eBay if I can't get it to work.
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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    Yeah, that's the first thing I tried. I just spent a while on the phone with customer support. To make a long story short, my Imac will work with the Ispot but, the Ipad 2 will not. It directs me to a page saying that only devices like the Ipad, which is crazy because that's what I'm...
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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    Do any of you use the Clear Ispot? and if you do, can you get it to work with the Ipad 2? I can connect to the Ispot but, when I try to browse a webpage, it keeps re-directing me to the Clear support site page. I tried updating the firmware, with no luck. The clear support is very unhelpful and...
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    Prepared for shipment!

    I just got mine, it's restoring & syncing as I type :). Mine followed almost the same path as yours. It's smaller than the original but, really not that much lighter to me.
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    Prepared for shipment!

    Mine is out for delivery also. I don't have anyone to sign for it so, I have to wait at home all day (luckily it's my day off). It would be nice if it came early in the day but, I'll be happy just to get it today.
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    Apple store (slight vent)

    I have to be at work early so, I was ready to order online at 4:00AM on launch day. I was going to go after work and, try to get one and then cancel but, by then; I realized that ordering online was a good idea.
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    Apple store (slight vent)

    I had similar experiences last year when the Ipad came out, that's one of the reasons why I ordered online this time.
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    Non-3G iPad: using MiFi

    I use the Clear Ipspot also and, it works really well in my area. I can also tether it to my Mytouch 4g and use T-mobile's HSPA+ which is just as fast, if not faster at times. The cool thing about the Clear Ispot is, it's unlimited. I've watched Netflix and streamed Nfl games with the Nfl...
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    Have original iPad, should I buy iPad 2?

    It just depends. If you truly are satisfied with your original Ipad then you should keep it however, if you have the money and, don't mind selling your Ipad 1, I'd say go for it also. If I had got a bigger capacity Ipad, I would have kept my original. I actually listed it on Ebay earlier to...
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    iPad 2-- so far, not so good

    It still sounds like you have a bad unit. Since it didn't shut down at the Apple store, did they not want to exchange it for you? I recently bought another Ipod touch and, I realize the one I returned before was a dud. At first I thought it was normal but, since using this new one I know...
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    Charger from iPad 1 to charge iPad 2?

    It uses the same type of charger and, you should be able to charge it.
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    Prepared for shipment!

    Mine has departed Memphis. It would be nice to get it tomorrow but, I don't know for sure It will. I'm going to be looking out for it just in case. I ordered a 64GB white Verizon model.
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    How I let go of my iPad 2 but got it back again!!!

    That's an interesting story, I'm glad you were able to swap back. The Xoom is a nice device. I had it for a few days and, enjoyed it despite some issues. I was really excited about getting it and, was looking for every bit of news before it was released. When I got it, it was nice but, still...
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    Prepared for shipment!

    I used the Yahoo link and, it said it was "released for delivery" but, after that it said "held a fed-ex sort facility" in the same place, Memphis. Who knows what happens next but, I know it's on it's way; hopefully this week.