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    iBook in trouble

    I agree, I have the free Kindle app on my iPad and my iPhone and my Macbook. I can read from any of these 3 devices and bookmark and pick up where I left off on one of the other devices. The selection at Amazon is hard to beat and since the app was free, it makes it very easy and convenient to...
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    Remote Access App's!!

    I hope this is where I need to ask this question. I have VNC Viewer. I really like it, it was inexpensive, seems to be easy to use and learn so far and is not dependent on cloud access. Like others, the only downfall is that the sound will play through my laptop as if I were really on my...
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    email question sorry if repeat

    That really stinks if you are using the ipad for a business tool of any kind. Maybe there will be an app in the near future that will allow for this. Hmm
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    email question sorry if repeat

    I don't have my ipad yet but I will be getting it soon through my employer. One of my fellow employee asked me the other day how to underline text in her email on her ipad. I have a MacBook and just assumed that command U would underline text like it does in my regular email. It does not...