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    I deleted a app from my iPad

    I believe that you are referring to an app you once downloaded then deleted now wish to reinstall. He this is correct. If so just sync to iTunes then reinstall. If you are syncing to iCloud then after the iPad has synced to iCloud the app will be avalible to redownload again. If this is not...
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    Tales of Monkey Island HD Episode 1 Goes Free to Celebrate Full Season Release

    Follow the map given to you by deoro(?) listen to the sounds when it shows a monkey on the map take the path where you hear the monkey sound. On the pc version the map is created randomly not sure if same on iPad. Sorry I can't tell you left right etc. hope this helps
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    Which is the best game for iPad?

    If you like RTS go with Autumn Dynasty. Best RTS out for the iPad. Has both network and Bluetooth support
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    Best strategy game to get?

    Best RTS games hands down are Autumn Dynasty (just came out for the iPad) and Land Air Sea. Been watching Autumn Dynasty for a while when it became avalible on the 24 th grabed it up. A.D. Is by far the best RTS done for iOS. Can't recommend it enough.
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    Looking for financial simulation game

    Thanks for the reply. Build alot 2 does not sound much like it has a lot of depth. Just purchased Air Tycoon 2. Not as much depth as I had hoped. Seems like the iPad could use some games with real depth. Once again thanks for the reply
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    Looking for financial simulation game

    Thanks for the reply. Bought Sim City it is ok but not even close. Was afraid of there not being anything like what I am looking for. Too bad those games were great. Kept my attention far longer than any shooters,RPGs, or other games ever could. Don't see why they could not be done for the iPad...
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    Ice age game

    If you have done a sync to iTunes on your computer you may be able to retrieve the game it depends if she deleted the backup info from your iPad and if the backup info is saved to iTunes. If not then sorry to say you will have to start from the beginning.
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    Looking for financial simulation game

    Looking for a good financial simulation game like the old pop cap railroad tycoon or the old rollicoaster tycoon games for the pc. Love to get in depth with planning routes or expansion, setting fares, etc. Really have not found anything that comes close. There is universal tycoon but that...
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Made the jump from first generation to the third and could not be happier.
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    Can i use the ipad2 for the internet?

    You may or may not have wifi. Two questions will answer whether or not you have wifi. 1. Is there a cable running from the back of your computers to the router? Is there a small antenna or two sticking out the back of the router. If you answered yes to 1 and no to 2 then you do not have wifi...
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    Afraid of cleaning screen protector and Angry Birds :P

    Clean your screen with a micro fiber cloth but stay away from most cleaners. Don't worry about playing angry birds unless you plan on playing with a hammer. Your iPad should last for years with decent care. iPads are actually quite robust. Don't treat it any different then you would any other...
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    Should I Jailbreak??

    I ran jailbreak on my IPad 1 for years but I needed some features that were only available that way. As jtrill stated jailbreak is kind of a pain since you have to jailbreak then wait for a new jailbreak while everyone is touting the laurels of the new IOS. I say if you need features that only...
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Made the jump to the new IPad, happy as hell. The display is fantastic. Went from a 16 gig IPad 1 to a 64 gig new IPad. Found out I use the IPad more then I expected. When I bought the IPad 1 wife thought she had no use for one. Now I can't tear it from her hands. Worried I may have to buy her...
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    Was apple ad photoshopped?

    Got my new IPad the other day and must say I was totally impressed. When I first got the IPad 1, I was impressed but the new display blows the old one out of the water. If your display is not sharp I would try downloading one of the new Wallpapers that are for the new IPad or check out text. If...
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    How much free space do I need?

    My iPad 1 tells me I have 2.1 gigs available. Just how much free space do I need to keep? On a p.c. I usually keep a few gigs free for swapping. Would the iPad be the same? Thanks for any info in advance.
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    Why did you jailbreak?

    :pI jailbroke because I'm too use to the freedom allowed by a PC. Jobs may not want you inside the file system or able to change his vision of what the Ipad should be, but that does not make him J.C. :D thanks to Ifile and a few other apps this thing feels more like a computer than a toy...
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    2 Questions regarding SD cards and Jailbreaking

    I'm placing the mp3 under mobile/media/iTunes control/music. The ipa I'm placing under mobile applications. These may not be the right places. As I said I may need to do some more playing around with Ifile. Apple seems to do things a a little different than a PC as far as file structure. Of...
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    2 Questions regarding SD cards and Jailbreaking

    Went ahead and did the jailbreak. Now it seems a little more user friendly. But I must not be understanding Ifile. I can see things on an SD card, I can even copy them to the iPad but when I look for them on the iPad they can not be found. Tried both an mp3 music file and a ipa file. Maybe I...
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    2 Questions regarding SD cards and Jailbreaking

    Sorry I was not to clear but yes I wanted to know if I could store apps on a SD card and move them to my iPad when I needed them. On a Pc I can move programs around between hard drives so I was hoping the same held true for apple' s apps. Looks like it's not even close. Thanks for the help
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    2 Questions regarding SD cards and Jailbreaking

    First off let me say this IPad 1 is my first Apple purchase. There is nothing I have not done with a PC. I see potential in the IPad if Apple would remove their restrictive hold. My questions are 1. If I were to jailbreak could I use the cck and an SD card as a hard drive to hold movies...
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    iPad 3

    Main complaint The IPad 3 should defiantly allow the use of SD cards as hard drives. In other words allow me to save movies with any name I choose. Allow me to save and use text documents. Allow me to save seldom used apps then move them to the IPad when I need them. I don't feel that the IPad...
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    Saying hi and a small rant

    First off let me say hello. Now that that is out of the way let me say that I did what I felt was quite a bit of research before I bought my IPad. I looked at all the reviews looked at other tablets looked at a number of apps, etc. I felt that the IPad was the only one that was not designed to...