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    New laptop - install iTunes and sync iPad/Pod?

    Hi, I've bought a Windows 8 laptop. I now need to install iTunes and get it synced with my iPad2 and a couple of iPods. I'm a bit nervous as iTunes previously made a right mess of my music collection. I do have a music library in MP3 format never touched by iTunes though so I want to get this...
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    Reinstalled Windows - how to backup iPad again?

    Any ideas please? I have now completed the transfer of purchases.
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    Reinstalled Windows - how to backup iPad again?

    Revisiting this as I really need to back up. I have connected the iPad to iTunes and selected Transfer Purchases and it is currently doing that. It's taking a while as I have 218 apps. I'm still not sure what I should do once this has finished. I have solved the problems I had with iTunes...
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    Please help - iTunes 11 screwed up my music collection

    Just to complete my misery I have found that iTunes is also refusing to see an album. I have Rumours by Fleetwood Mac in the iTunes Media folder along with everything else but it's not showing in iTunes. I have tried using File>Add Folder but still no joy. Any ideas please?
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    Please help - iTunes 11 screwed up my music collection

    I upgraded to iTunes 11 but have 2 problems. Previously my iTunes Media folder and hence iTunes showed each artist and all their albums nested under them. All compilations showed under Compilations. I now have artists listed correctly but the compilation albums have been scattered across the...
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    wifi storage devices for ipad?

    Sorry to jump in on this but I am interested in this too. Am I right in thinking that the CloudFTP etc. don't have storage built but that you also need a separate drive to hold the data. I have been looking at the Buffalo Ministation Air which inbuilt 500Gb storage. Does anyone have any...
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    Reinstalled Windows - how to backup iPad again?

    Hi Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I do need to preserve data and settings from my iPad. That's why I'm so reluctant to start backing up etc. until I'm sure I know what I'm doing. I did restore my iTunes library but it now looks very odd. Before I had a list of artists with sub-folders of...
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    Reinstalled Windows - how to backup iPad again?

    Please can anyone help with this? Thanks.
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    My music not showing in iTunes?

    Many thanks for your post. The setting is now File>Add folder to library but you set me on the right road to find it. A lot of my album artwork isn't showing but I'll do a search on here to see if I can find an answer. Thanks again.
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    My music not showing in iTunes?

    As I said on another thread re backing up my iPad, I have had to reinstall Windows Vista so have downloaded and reinstalled iTunes. I had copied away my music to an external hard drive so have now copied it back but it's not showing up in iTunes on the laptop, I can only see a couple of...
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    Reinstalled Windows - how to backup iPad again?

    I've had to reinstall Windows Vista on my laptop so need to get iTunes running again and backup my iPad2 which I haven't been able to do for several months due to the laptop issues. Due to a previous "adventure" with iTunes I'm a bit paranoid that I'm going to wipe my iPad. I am sill running 5.1...
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    Re-installing/syncing iTunes on newly-restored laptop?

    I have just had to restore my laptop to factory settings due to a problem. I did manage to copy away the iTunes folder beforehand so have that safe. I haven't been able to backup my iPad2 for a few months due to the laptop problems so have loads of apps on it which are not backed up. I don't...
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    Wireless speakers for iPad2 for £50 - £70?

    Hi all, thanks for the replies. The iduck made me smile but I can't really see it in my kitchen! The Logitech looks good but tha lead me on to the Boombox and the Mini Boombox. I've tried both in my local shops and there's no doubt that the sound is better from the bigger one but it's a bit...
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    Wireless speakers for iPad2 for £50 - £70?

    I use my iPad2 in the kitchen when cooking and find that I can't hear it very well. I have a pair of wired speakers but have to have wires trailing and that' not good. I would like to find a wireless/BT speaker or speakers with a rechargeable battery. Sound quality is not as important as I would...
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    Update to iOs5.1 from iOs4.3.5 -how long?

    I bit the bullet and decided to stop being a wuss. All installed fine and iOs5.1 up and running. Took about 2 hours but that included 20 mins while I dithered over whether to reply yes to the message. All appears OK with all apps, app data etc restored.
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    Update to iOs5.1 from iOs4.3.5 -how long?

    I've gone ahead and updated to 10.6 and backed up. I hit the update buttona dn it did the backup. I went away for a bit and came back to see it saying "Preparing iPad for restore at the top" but also a message saying "You have changed the settings for the ipad "Pinmaac's iPad. Would you like to...
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    Update to iOs5.1 from iOs4.3.5 -how long?

    I urgently need to update from iOs4.3.5 to iOs5.1 today as I am going away at the weekend and there's an app I need which is iOs5.1 only. I don't want to brick my iPad though and will have to leave it if it's going to take too long. I will need to update iTunes to 10.6 manually as it always...
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    Problem with Sunday Times app (UK)

    Excellent advice, thanks so much. The search function didn't turn it up but the reset did and it's back where it belongs in my News folder. I hope I don't have this problem every time I need to delete an edition! Thanks again.
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    Problem with Sunday Times app (UK)

    I have sent the following to the Sunday Times but am posting here in the hope that someone might be able to help please? "I have the Times/Sunday Times digital pack and read them on my iPad2. I realised today that the Sunday Times app does not delete old editions like The Times does and that...
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    French dictionary

    Larousse also do a French dictionary for iPad. It doesn't look as if it needs internet connection although that's not exactly clear from the description.
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    Sharing between Galaxy Note and Ipad 3 through bluetooth?

    I think that the Apple version of bluetooth is not compatible with other versions of bluetooth? I share documents and pictures between my iPad2, PC and HTC Desire (also Android) by using Dropbox. Find it in the App Store and Google Play for free. Keeps documents synchronised across all the...
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    Photography apps

    Modesty probably stopped Nigel from linking you to his blog where he has an excellent review of 7 apps for photographers so I'll do it for him. It's at 7 brilliant photography apps for the new retina iPad @ Image and light – landscape photography by Nigel Danson.
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    7 Great apps for photographers

    Thanks for the excellent review, Nigel. I had a look around your site too - you have some lovely photos on there, my 2 favourites are the sunrise on the page you linked to and the Sennen cove shot.
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    US App Store apps in the UK?

    Hi There are some apps which are available in the US App Store but not in the UK one. For example, I'm trying to get Mobile Magic Disney as I'm going to Florida in August. I have found in several places on the web a method to use a different email address from usual, logout from UK App Store...
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    Cloudon - available from UK app store

    Up and running now, thanks. Fantastic integration with Word and Excel.
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    Cloudon - available from UK app store

    Thanks, op, that's great news as I've been waiting for this. When you first open it on the iPad it asks you to login or create an account. Do I need to create a new account or do I use my Dropbox details (which I currently can't remember but have written down!) to log in?
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    Me neither. Why would you want to out of interest?
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    Upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1 - step-by-step guide?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Leelai, but I tried it with the anti-virus switched off and still the same result. Don't know where to go from here.
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    Upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1 - step-by-step guide?

    Just watched the video - really useful and just what I was looking for. Still can't get iTunes to update though so if anyone can help I'd be really grateful.
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    Upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1 - step-by-step guide?

    Forgot to say that I am the administrator.
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    Upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1 - step-by-step guide?

    Thanks, Leelai, haven't had time to look at the video yet, will need to find a quiet few minutes. Have hit the first problem. I can't update from iTunes to 10.5.3. It fails and suggests that I download manually. I download but then there doesn't appear to be a way to install. So I...
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    Upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1 - step-by-step guide?

    I need to upgrade from 4.3.5 to 5.1 but am very nervous when having to deal with iTunes as wiped an iPod Classic a few years ago. Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere which tells me exactly what to backup and so on please? I know that there's a sticky for if you have a problem with the...
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    Dropbox edits

    I've been wondering this myself. I have a Word doc which is a holiday ideas/plans/packing list combination. I would like to be able to open it through Dropbox on my PC, iPad and Android phone, make any amendments and additions and then save it back to Dropbox. Is this possible please?
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    Easy pictorial shortcuts & Helpful places. - For People new to the iPad.

    Thanks for the picture. Unfortunately Settings>Keyboard doesn't show that option on my IPad. I assume that's because I haven't upgraded to iOs5 yet. Must get around to it!
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    Easy pictorial shortcuts & Helpful places. - For People new to the iPad.

    Please can you tell me if there is a way to make a shortcut on the Ipad? For example, I get fed up with tying my email address so many times and it would be great to be able to e.g. tap a key combination to insert it. When I saw the title of this thread I thought that I might find the answer here!
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    Gadget Show Live 2012

    Yes, going for the first time this year. My youngest son was bugging us to go and we said we couldn't afford it but we'd already bought the tickets and told him on Christmas Day! Really looking forward to it.
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    iBooks prices

    OP coul you download the free Kindle app and buy the book on Kindle"? Not done lot of reading yet on iPad but I have the Kindle app and have downloaded a couple of books.
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    .MOV short films, DropBox

    drb_52 thanks for your advice. Strangely, my videos are now playing OK in Dropbox. But to play on the iPad rather than via wifi I downloaded OPlayerHD and they play on this. It's a bit clunky though so I might try Buzz Player, Azul Media Player or AV Player which I have also come across and...
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    Free magazines??!

    The Padder app appears to be giving away their magazines which are all about the iPad.
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    Are you going to upgrade your iPad2 to 501 BEFORE the new JB comes out?

    Thanks for raising this. I am still on 4.3.5 as my computer has been overheating for some time and I'm taking it in today to get it fixed hopefully. Couldn't trut it to stay on during the upgrade. Should I download 501 - is it OK to go straight to 501 or do I have to download 500 as well?