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    Other Person Cannot hear me on Skyoe

    Are you using the built-in microphone in the iPad? Or an external one?
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    Want Opinion on Scanning App

    Look at DocScanHDPro or Scanner Pro
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    GPS on iPad 2 wifi - Help please

    Terrible? Why? You can get the app for free, and the Bluetooth GPS unit, in the long run, will probably be cheaper than a data plan.
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    GPS on iPad 2 wifi - Help please

    Your best option is to buy a Bluetooth GPS receiver (like the Dual Electronics XGPS150A, on Amazon for under $100), and then one of the navigation apps that downloads the maps to the iPad (like NavFree or Navigon).
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    Note taking app that supports folders and sub-folders?

    I do tech support for a software company, and take notes on clients, software applications, projects, etc. I'm looking for a note taking app that supports the use of folders and sub-folders. For instance, I envision a 'notebook' with a folder called 'Clients' and a folder called...
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    Rented videos still on machine

    If I recall correctly, there is an 'Edit' button in the paper left corner. Tap it, and you can select and delete the movies.
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    Speedtest SLOW numbers

    Just ran Speedtest on my iPad3. 65 ms ping time, 13 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload. Connected to Time Warner Cable through my Asus router.
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    Handling rar files

    I saw somewhere that Goodreader works with ZIP files. Might it also work with RAR files as well?
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    Ipad lap desk?

    Otterbox Defender - two thumbs up!
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    Is I Tunes down?

    Same thing happened to me, while on a weekend trip to Washington, DC. I stayed at two different hotels, and got the same message at both when trying to update an app. I finally set up tethering on my phone, connected my iPad to the phone, and all of the sudden, I could connect to the iTunes...
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    Speedtest SLOW numbers

    No problems here. My Speedtest results for both my iPad3 and my wife's iPad2 are very consistent with what I see from my laptop, all connected to the same wireless router.
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    Best browser for sites with Javascript?

    Any recommendations for the best browser for sites that utilize Javascript? I've tried Safari, Atomic Browser, and Dolphin HD, with limited success. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Tom
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    Good video editing apps?

    Avid Studio gets pretty good reviews.
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    Otterbox Defender, or Griffin Survivor?

    Don't know much about the Griffin, but I give the Defender two thumbs up! An awesome case. Tom
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    How to download files?

    If you are using Safari, I'm not sure you can do that. But with Atomic Browser, you can download a file, and then save it to Dropbox. Tom
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    Removing apps for good

    Greetings! I have several (many!) apps that I have downloaded, only to find I did not like them, or they didn't do what I was expecting, so I did the usual - tap-and-hold and then tap the X to "delete" them. But they still appear as "not on this iPad" or "hidden." Is there any way to fully...
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    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    That has been my biggest challenge - to unlearn my PC ways and embrace the "dark side." Tom
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    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    Hey Steve Did you ever hear anything from Jabra? Tom
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    Remote desktop connection app

    You might want to look at Wyse Pocketcloud. I've been testing it, accessing a Windows server on our work network. So far, it looks pretty good. --Tom--
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    Look for an application called Fingerprint by Collobus Software. It runs on your PC and allows your iPad to print through your PC. Free to try; $10 o to keep. It works pretty well. Tom
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    Connecting iPad to Stero System

    Thanks for the info! Tom
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    Connecting iPad to Stero System

    Can you enlighten us a bit more? Exactly what Jabra device did you buy? That sounds very cool! Tom
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    How do I get the real time dictation to work?

    I see the same thing. Seems like the text should appear as you speak, not all at once. Strange... Tom
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    Samsung remote app

    The iPad app sees my TV, and seems to connect momentarily, and then fails with a network error. Anyone else see that? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Tom
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    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    I have the Versavue, and it puts my new iPad to sleep with no problem. Tom
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    iPad users' router experience

    I have an ASUS RT-N56U Router and have no issues with it with our iPad2. Range - don't know exactly, but better than my old Linksys router. Excellent stability/reliability. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say 9 (nobody's perfect!).
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    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    Good to know - Thanks, KevinJS!
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    Bluetooth Headsets for Skpe on I-Pad

    Did anyone ever get a bluetooth headset to work fully with Skype on the iPad? I hate corded headsets (probably because my desk is a mess already!) Thanks! Tom
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    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    From what I've been able to figure out, the bluetooth headset must be "A2DP-Compliant" to work with Skype on the iPad. There are a couple of other threads you might want to look at. Just search the forums for "skype bluetooth headset" and you'll find lots of reading material. Tom
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    Won't retina display become more a problem than an improvement for users?

    Good point, Seadog! If you want top quality photos, buy a top quality camera. The iPad camera is what it is - average.
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    Engraved iPads?

    How did you guess? :D
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    Engraved iPads?

    I'm having "Because I can ..." engraved on my iPad. Why? Well, because I can! Tom
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    iMovie and Dropbox

    Thanks for the resonse! I suspected that was the case, and you've confirmed it.
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    iMovie and Dropbox

    B-b-b-bump. Anybody using IMovie with Dropbox?
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    wireless router and setup using your ipad

    I'm using an ASUS RT-N56U Router. No problems at all, and has great signal strength. Tom
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    iMovie and Dropbox

    Anybody know if iMovie is compatible with Dropbox? Can I grab video files from my Dropbox account, edit in iMovie, and send back to Dropbox? Thanks in advance! --Tom--
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    iPad 2 loses Internet connection

    I have no problems with my Asus RT-N56U router. Great range and consistently good signal. --Tom--
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    Remote desktop connection app

    You might want to look at Wyse Pocketcloud. I've been testing it, accessing a Windows server on our work network. So far, it looks pretty good. --Tom--
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    Guided Mediation

    I Googled "meditation for iPad" and got several hits, one for where they reviewed several. You might check that out. Namaste! --Tom--
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    Looking for a cheap iPad for college anyone know where I can get one cheap

    Regarding buying an iPad from eBay or Craig's List, are there any guidelines or "things to watch for" when buying from a non-Apple source? Thanks in advance! Tom