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    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lurches Genteelly onto iPad

    Awesome, can't wait to try it out.
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    Canadians: What city are you closest to?

    Bought in Calgary, playin' with it Calgary :)
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    World's Laziest Cat

    Lol wow that is a lazy cat.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Ordered mine on the Canadian Apple store and the ship date was June ?? so I cancelled it and lined up with everyone else and now am the proud owner of the 64 GB 3G. L<3ve it.
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    iPad Mobile Me Users?

    I keep reading people are not choosing MM because they can get the same services with dropbox or google docs. MM offers so much more, on top of the device syncing, 20 gb storage, 200 gb transfer allowance, photo sharing, remote wipe, backup and you can host your website there. I use google...
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    The screen is super hardy you really don't need to worry about scratches well as long as you don't go hitting it with a baseball bat. See to believe: YouTube - iPhone v. Microtech Knife Obviously the glass on the iPad covers a greater surface area but it is the same hardened glass it really is...
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    The Canadian Countdown Begins!

    I got some pics from Apple today and they were in Memphis yesterday so I wouldn't worry Colsgirl it'll get here.
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    Need Help ASAP for Ordering iPad online!

    Yeah I think he means if he orders it from the European apple store and then wants it shipped to the states will it work. I haven't heard of anyone else doing this not to say it wouldn't work I just don't know of anyone that's done it.
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    Need Help ASAP for Ordering iPad online!

    I ordered my ipad through my parents apple account as they wanted to get me a graduation present. So I used their billing information and then put in my shipping info. Alternatively you can give your brother your CC number and get him to put it through on his account. I've done that before...
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    Need Help ASAP for Ordering iPad online!

    Damn I ordered mine May 21st and have no delivery date :( So not fair why us internationals get no Apple love :)
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    Hi from Banff Canada

    Hey there, Love Banff my fav spot in the Rockies..and I'm just down the road :P Am hoping to get my iPad before I got to Hawaii but am wondering how useful you found it there. I'm getting the wifi only one so mainly I'm wondering if there are alot of free wifi spots around? Any...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Still Pre-Order for us international people :) Ordered mine May 21st, shipping right now says date just June? :( W280934861
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    Wow your orders are going through so quick. Right now on the Apple Canada store we get a "June" ship date? I just ordered my first iPad May 21st - 64 gb wifi, I really don't know if I can wait till sometime in I wanna play with it now :(
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    Apple Fanboy Arrogance

    +1 Couldn't believe how rude some people were on that quote one person "Today??? Seems like it is full newb threads everyday!!!!! I had to take a 3 month hiatus because it was getting so bad. Threads like these remind me why I left for a bit." Just because some poor guy wanted...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    This is the case I'm getting, just ordered it and am waiting for it to be shipped. Marware Eco-Vue for iPad: Electronics I found this review of cases really helpful when picking :) The Complete Guide to iPad Cases and Protection | iLounge Article
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    I ordered the 64 GB wifi one too. Was looking to tether but I'm hearing that it's near to impossible to do with a BlackBerry? I'm guessing you have an iPhone or Android phone.
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    Mine still says "June". Colsgirl when did you order yours? I know when I was going to place my order it said June 7 then it changed to June when the order went through. Am a bit worried they're going to run out and I'll have to wait ages :(.
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    New member here, live in Calgary, Alberta (Canada..the cold place to the north :P). Ordered my iPad on May 21st and am now playing the waiting game hoping it'll get shipped before the end of the summer :) Love gadgets, own far to many things that now are just gathering dust. Wish I had the...