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    2010 itouch?

    If correcting me has made you feel better about yourself, glad I could help:)
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    I am suing Apple

    I'm a reader and was sooooo disappointed when I couldn't read outside. I had sold my kindle before My 64 gb arrived. Well, I ponied up and bought another kindle to read outside with. I still love my iPad and unless it bursts in flames in my hands, I don't plan to sue. Now, AT&T is another story.
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    2010 itouch?

    My "Paddy" is lonely and wants a little sister. One who will take pictures, videos and play games with her. Has anyone heard if Apple is launching the newest itouch with the nifty 4g iPhone features?
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Zagg worked for me I have had my Zagg protector on my 64gb 3G wifi iPad since I received it on April 30th. When I opened the protector packing I found my bottle of liquid had mostly leaked out on the instructions and protector. I panicked. But when I read the directions to spray on front and...
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    Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

    I have used the Trendy digital for my Kindle when lounging in the pool and they work great. I lost a classic iPod in the pool in a cheap baggie and learned a valuable lesson. I've played with the idea of zip locking my iPad but no, I won' t do that again. I'm getting a trendy digital like the...
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    Home Made case -- iPad Under Water

    That saves me from spending the $25 I was going to spend on a Trendydigital waterproof bag I was about to buy!
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    Turn ipad into a cell phone

    Whistlephone worked so so for me. It was garbled at times but crystal clear at other times. Good for emergency calls I guess. Thanks for the info!
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    Using your iPad while in the sun.

    Thanks all!
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    Unable to fetch home mail to my iPad

    Bremen, I swear I tried exactly what you advised for more times than I can count on one hand and the POP button NEVER showed itself until this time. Thank you so much for helping me. I was doing something wrong but now it's set up! I appreciate your helping me and I know it's not the first...
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    Unable to fetch home mail to my iPad

    Can someone walk me thru it, please? It's obvious I don't know how and Time Warner even suggested I call them back and let them know how to do it. Help. Thanks!
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    Great Leather Cover

    Oberon Leathers is coming with iPad covers. Check them out they have some really beautiful covers. Their iPad covers are due out at any time. I had one of their covers for my Kindle and it was absolutely beautiful!
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    Unable to fetch home mail to my iPad

    I am having a problem setting up my iPad to fetch my home computer email. Time Warner says it's because they do not support imap and iPad does not recognize pop. Surely there is a workaround? I have it set up on Mobileme to retrieve the roadrunner mail but I can't figure out how to retrieve my...
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    Using your iPad while in the sun.

    Bremen, Thanks for letting me know how to change to black on the Kindle app. I'm afraid that didn't work. On top of that, I have a Zapp screen protector on that is not anti-glare and my glasses that I are Transitions changing to dark in sun light. I am probably going to have to re-invest in a...
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    Using your iPad while in the sun.

    Help. Has anyone figured out how to use their iPad in the sun? I love to read outdoors and it is impossible to read even in the shade. I've already sold my Kindle. A while back I read something about reversing the screen to black and print to white. Does anyone know how to do this? I 'm hoping...
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    Kindle users help

    Thanks! I love my iPad!!!! and I appreciate all the members of Apple iPad Forum!
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    Kindle users help

    How do I remove a book from my Kindle App Home page back to Archives?
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Got the Zapp and installed it two days ago. I still have a few bubbles but that is probably my fault. With toddlers constantly trying to touch my iPad a few bubbles is well worth the protection. I'm waiting on my iStyles skin to protect the back.These are great and very eye-catching. If you...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Istyles have great looking iPad skins.
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    How Long Before You Find Kindle at Big Lots?

    I sold my kindle a month ago and have missed it during the 3g wait. However, for me the iPad is how I want to read books. I won't have to use a book light if I want to read at night while my husband sleeps and the iPad is soooo much more. The Kindle app was the first app I got so I haven't...
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    Ultimate Facebook has returned.

    Is it Facebook or something totally different. I bought it thinking it was for Facebook. Am I wrong?
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    Mine is coming from Middletown also but will arrive tomorrow before 3 pm Yeppee!!
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    Looking for the perfect handbag to carry my iPad 3G

    Rasputina, Great website for ipad bags! Love them!
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    I love this cover I bought

    I love the Macally bookstand case and preordered it. Thanks for the info!
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    Looking for the perfect handbag to carry my iPad 3G

    While I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 3G iPad I have been scouring the internet for the perfect handbag that will not only carry my iPad safely but also a few personal items as well. If anyone has discovered the "perfect" handbag for them without it looking like a backpack, please...
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    We got a date: iPad Wi-Fi + 3G available April 30th

    That certainly is "late April"
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    What will be your first (3) movies,apps & pictures you load?

    Young Victoria, Avatar, Year of the Comet Kindle App, iBooks, Virtual Horse Racing Pics of the Grandkids
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    Add movies to iPad

    Should I buy/rent HD movies on iTunes or just stay with standard definition?
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    I like it!
  29. C Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    While I have not received my iPad yet, (waiting on 3g 64GB), I have loved it for months. It will replace my netbook, Kindle, ipod, and many functions on my iphone. One device that will do the work of four devices and will accomplish this faster and better. It's sleek and beautiful and the...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    I ordered a wifi 3g 64Gb on April 5th order #W69300145
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    Has Apple's Robot Canceled Your iPad Pre Order

    I cancelled the case I had ordered along with my 3G and my order is still in the system. I've been checking it to make sure nothing did happen to the iPad preorder. An interesting thing happened though, Apple withdrew the amount of the case from my cc account but no addition shipping info has...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Thanks so much for this thread. The wait is terrible! I have been ordering Apps, Skins, and Oberon leather designs will offer their Ipad Covers sometime in May. I'm hoping April 24 is "late April".
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I watch two toddlers everyday. I think my Ipad will help me keep my sanity while having to watch cartoons. I'm and avid reader and it will replace my Kindle.
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    New Member

    Hi, My name is Cathie and I have pre-ordered the 3g Ipad. I am patiently (ha ha)waiting for my ipad to be delivered and have been visiting your site to try and find some notification as to what Apple means when they say "late April". I have sold my Kindle,(which I loved), and believe the Ipad...