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    my 2.5 year old son

    thats awesome!
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    Newbie question

    what up spammer^
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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    pc, i always have always will, mac computers just arent for me, but apple gadgets are way better and more fun :p
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    Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 Days

    i defiently got sucked in after playing with one for no more than 10min. damn you apple:p
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    Hack your iPad to support Verizon's MiFi

    he does have some gulla to open up a new iPad a try this. props!
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    16g wifi only just for surfing the next around the house. that all i really wanted it for. and i didnt wanna buy a net book(i hate them). my ipod has over 15k songs on it. so i dont have a need to buy anything bigger than i did.
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    iPad owners average age

    just turned 20 last friday(18th) and ordered mine on the 20th :) wasnt planning on getting one, but got sucked into the apple store and fell in love with the thing