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    Ipad 3 stopped putting Sent files in the Sent Folder. How can I fix this?

    According to a post on ilounge this is a new upgrade feature of the ipad3 email app. Copies of email are sent directly to Apple for archiving instead of the sent box. You can request your sent emails from Apple by filling out a form on their website.
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    No wifi

    Is your jailbreak tight? Do you want to "loose" your jailbreak? Of course you could also "lose" your jailbreak.
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    GPS Maps Apps

    Matt, Your wrong if you mean that you need to be subscribed to a 3G service. 3G is not needed for the GPS to work. You only need 3G for downloading maps. If you have the maps loaded the GPS will function fine without 3G service.
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    Too heavy?? That's just plain nuts. It is 1.5 lbs. 1.5lbs!! Oh please, run away silly whiner.
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    GPS Maps Apps

    Yes you are correct. Only the 3G has a built in GPS. The Wifi unit can do some crude triangulation location analysis using Wifi signals but nothing as accurate as the GPS in the 3G.
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    GPS Maps Apps

    The 3G Ipad has an antenna. What is the etc? It has a GPS built in and a GPS antenna built in. It works perfectly as a GPS.
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    Rock on! I lived in St.Johns back in the 1970's. Worked on my PH.D at Memorial U.
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    it seams everyone has useing a ipad

    The correct word is "seems" as in "it seems everyone" The second correct word is "using" as in "everyone is using" The third correction is " it seems everyone IS using" not HAS using" The fourth correction is the use of "an" not "a" The fifth correction is "driving" not "driveing" The sixth...
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    Really disappointed

    Idiot. You bought something knowing it did not use flash. If you didn't know it your just dumb. Run away whiner.
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    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    Did you even read this thread? You obviously did not. It has nothing to do with 3G.
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    GPS Maps Apps

    A bit of a correction for my comment of several hours ago. I just downloaded the update to the MotionX GPS Drive APP. It is significantly improved. The split screen now contains lots of information and is superior in many ways to the Co-Pilot HD setup. I drove around for a while using the update...
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    GPS Maps Apps

    I have used MOTIONX GPS DRIVE and Co-Pilot HD. Co-pilot HD is superior as a turn by turn nav app.
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    Looking for app to import small wav files and play at push of a button

    Just import the WAV files into itunes and convert them to mp3. There that was easy!
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    What is the highest resolution

    Off the top of my head I believe it is 568P.
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    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    This has been discussed to DEATH on these forums. The Youtube App reduces the bitrate of Youtube videos when using 3G. This has nothing to do with AT&T 3G. If you fool your ipad into thinking it is using wifi when it is really using 3G (use Mifi or a 3G hotspot for example) the youtube videos...
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    GPS Drive on iPad WiFi

    While you can use it on the wifi ipad the accuracy will be severely limited. Only the 3G models have a built in GPS receiver.
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    Apple knows where we are and wants to use it.

    Earlier today a black helicopter with an Apple symbol hovered over my house. They know where we are.
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    Using the iPad in the car

    Skeptic :) But it does work!
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    Using the iPad in the car

    Actually it will not. If you look around the web and even this site you will find that many people are using this exact setup to mount the ipad in their car. If you use a small bungee cord the friction between the case and cord will keep it quite rigid.
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    GPS away from Wifi?

    The GPS in the 3G ipad does NOT need the 3G account to be active. The GPS in the ipad functions as a standalone unit. This has been discussed to death in several threads.
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    I activated my 3G despite having tethering available. I like to stream audio on my iphone and then use the unused 3G stream on the ipad for various other uses. Yeah I know...I am a geek :) I will keep unlimited on both devices as long as AT&T lets me!
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    Using the iPad in the car

    Get a piece of string or twine. Just wrap it around the headrest. Put the ipad in the Apple case. Now just fold the front cover back and drape it over the twine/string. It will hang and look perfect.
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    Fedex vs. AT&T

    I hear ya. I just activated the 3G unlimited on my ipad despite the fact that I have it tethered to my unlimited iphone. You can never have too much unlimited :)
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    iPad live video INPUT

    The example was to illustrate the use of a dedicated monitor, not to use as an editor. The point being using a monitor makes more sense than using an ipad.
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    HD vs DVD video quality

    Even being a bit downscaled, 720p looks better than 480p on the ipad. It all depends how important this difference is to you.
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    new iphone os will have tethering but! Tethering the ipad means that you use your iphone 3G on the ipad, not the reverse. Your confused. The OP was refering to the fact that the "official" tethering feature will not allow you to tether to the ipad.
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    AT&T Unlimited 3G ipad plan is history!

    The real winners are now the JB/mifi users. You can keep the unlimited data plan on your iPhone (since you will not be officially tethering) and have all the 3G you want on your iPad.
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    AT&T Unlimited 3G ipad plan is history!

    Say Goodbye to AT&T's Unlimited Data Plan For The iPad 3G
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    First Regent Street iPad buyer!!

    Very nice indeed!
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    Custom made iPad carmounts

    The problem with this setup is that you cannot use the ipad in landscape mode, my preferred configuration. This is a nice idea but many cars/trucks would be difficult to retrofit with such a device. I have tried four different mount setups in my 09 Accord. My last try was with the Proclip...
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    My review: biggest issue: book reading aps are not up to par.

    I completely disagree. I have a library of over 2000 real books. I have been a college professor for 25 years and counting. I own two Kindles, three sony e-readers and two ipads. Other than textbooks, I have purchased ebooks exclusively. My library is rapidly becoming dominated by virtual...
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    iPad + Velcro

    Actually yes it is. The industrial strength stuff can easily handle 20lbs. The pad is under 2 lbs. It would work like a charm. I have velcroed radios to my dash and you would think they were bolted on.
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    Time keeps changing

    This is a well known issue and one that I assume will be fixed in the next update. I have two ipads, wifi and a 3G and they both change times randomly. Example: Before I went to bed my ipad was running ahead an hour. I reset the time, put it to sleep. When I woke up the ipad was now an hour...
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    No Glare Screen Protector

    I am not a fan of screen protectors. I like glossy, shiny screens and I can never get those damn protectors to lie flat. The problem is that I have mounted my 3G ipad in the car. The glare from the back window wipes out the screen during the daytime. I tried different mounting positions and...
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    Supermodel Bar Refaeli iPad Incident

    So you like the fatties eh? A member of the chub club lovers. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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    Copilot HD APP problem

    Folks, I purchased this app for my 3G ipad. It downloads and installs. WHen I fire it up it asks for me to create a new id and password. I do this and hit ok. I then get a "cannot connect to the internet" message. Of course I am connected to the net at this point despite what the app says...
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    Great Leather Cover

    Why would someone dip an ipad in steel? Did you mean steal an ipad?
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    iPad GPS

    What do you mean " Copilot wouldn't even open"? It wouldn't load?
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    Ipad 64gb+3g avail

    Screw you asswipe. You didn't even put enough numbers down! Idiot.