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    App to store password

    I second the recommendation for Ascendo Datavault. I've been using it for years, never had a problem. Syncs flawlessly with the desktop version. Great features and they keep improving it. William
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    I received the PadHoldr yesterday and installed it in my '06 Toyota Sienna. Some observations: 1) The PadHoldr itself is well made and good looking. I think it needs a few minor refinements; I sent an email to Jim with my comments. 2) The car mount bracket is from PanaVise. It was originally...
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    iPad screen scratch protector thread...

    I got these: 2X PET Anti Glare Frosted Matted Screen for Apple Ipad - eBay (item 260595065372 end time Aug-28-10 19:54:37 PDT) Cheap at US$7 for two of them, free shipping. They are mailed and sometimes they get bent in shipping but the seller replaced one when that happened. It reduces the...
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    Spoke with Jim on the phone and ordered a mount for my '06 Sienna. I'll post here when I've had a chance to try it out.
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    Link iPad with LCD projector ?

    I use the Apple video adapter with my iPad and an LCD projector for astronomy presentations. The iPad's output is only 1024x768, but so is the projector I'm using so it's fine. Only a few programs actually support doing this though, so you'll need to check. It does work with Keynote, but I don't...
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    Wifi info app

    Another example of Apple's arbitrary and heavy handed control of apps. It's such a great tool, too - I use it all the time when I'm setting up access points.
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    Tried to contact ProClip - their web site has some problems with iPad mounts, wanted to see if I could get expedited shipping. No answer on the 800 number, no voicemail, nada. Doesn't inspire confidence... Checked out the web site, looks very interesting, but no phone number to...
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    Wifi info app

    wow, you're right, I just checked the App store and it's gone! Sorry ... So far I don't see anything else like it either.
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    Wifi info app

    I've been using WifiTrak for a couple of years - not an iPad app, but it works well.
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    Please tell me more about your mount. I do not like using air vent - for one thing it blocks the air, for another it doesn't seem secure enough for something this heavy and expensive. Prefer email: wm (@) Would have put this in a PM but haven't done enough posts yet... Thanks, William
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    Sorting Photos in folders? - - - Try This!

    Smugmug does indeed allow sorting in any order you wish, and you can save a copy of the pictures (or album) for offline viewing - nice find! My only complaint is that the iPad app doesn't show the captions, at least I have not figured out how to get it to. So that leaves adding the captions...
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    Looking for alternative photo viewer app

    Did you try it? Can you re-arrange photos in any sequence on the iPad??? I looked at the description and I don't see anything that confirms this. Thanks! William