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    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    Once a week usually to move content around... adding movies and such to it.
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    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Case and then stylus.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    My iPad1 and iPhone 4S. :thumbs:
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    iPhone 4S Siri Video Demo, Using Siri For The First Time

    I'm loving Siri, wasn't sure how much I would use it or like it but it's faster looking some things up and fun to use too.
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    Portrait or Landscape?

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    What would it take to get you to buy an iPad 3?

    I tent to upgrade Apple devices every other model... iPhone 3GS to 4S, etc. I have the iPad 1 and with the iCloud syncing of stuff I don't really need the camera and all... so it would have to be something that surprised me I guess but for now I'm loving my setup... just need a new MacBook to...
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    DIY iPad Wallpaper :)

    I like that... bigger would be awesome though. :)
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    Love these apps, really opens up the possibilities for me to use my iPad more and more... I'm trying smartnote next.
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    I Bet You Never Thought Of This (69 Cent iPad Stand)

    That's a cool idea. I have a Griffin A-Frame Metal Stand which works great and is heavy duty but having a small plastic stand in my bag with me all the time will come in handy too. Thanks!!
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    Accessories in stores ~ WHEN?

    Same here, local Apple store has stuff one day, sells out, nothing for a day or two and then back in stock for a day it seems. At least we are getting shipments but it's hit and miss... stopping in 10 times for something... not complaining, just sharing. Good luck!
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    What's a Good App for "Drawing" Notes

    Great post, just got my Pogo as well and need to get this setup soon. Once I try a couple I will report back, thanks for all the advice thus far!
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    Wi-Fi Vs 3G?

    When I have my cellular on and come home it defaults back to the Wifi.
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    Hi from MD

    New guy joining from MD. Have 64GB 3G iPad and LOVE it!!! I use it all the time, my Macbook sits mostly as the iPad does 90% of what I need and I take it with me as it's easier to carry around. I have the bluetooth keyboard, an a-frame stand, the apple case, camera kit, pogo sketch stylus and...