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  1. Mmracing

    Best Headphones for ipad3

    I have the Bose Quiet Confort 15 and they work GREAT! I highly recommend them.
  2. Mmracing

    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    Update... above I posted about my new ZAGGfolio making marks on the invisableSHIELD screen protector... well today I opened the ZAGGfolio case and one of the rubber bumpers on the keyboard stretched and distorted the screen protector. I have written ZAGG about my displeasure and told them I...
  3. Mmracing

    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    LOL. Shame about the case getting tore up but funny. BTW... I got my ZAGGfolio yesterday and I love the quality. I have the ZAGG screen protector on my iPad and I do see the marks the keyboard bumpers put on the screen. A little irritating but I know the bumper are there for a reason.
  4. Mmracing

    iPad droid tether??

    I do as well. FoxFi does well with Motorola android devices using wifi and bluetooth for others.
  5. Mmracing

    Case or just smart cover?

    I use both. Very little added weight and great protection. These devises are too expensive not to have something protecting them not to metion the functionality of the smart cover.
  6. Mmracing

    What screen protector did you buy for your ipad 3

    Same here. I have the ZAGG on my phone as well. Time will tell.