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    In case you couldn't get a case....

    i'm waiting on my quirky cloak....and the apple case....we'll see which is better
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    In case you couldn't get a case....

    If you were lucky enough to get an iPad today (mine was shipped) but couldn't get a case (apple isn't shipping yet, but best buy had them!), then something to tide you over is the belkin neoprene sleeve for a 10.2 inch netbook. You can get it at bestbuy for 29 bucks in the computer section. it...
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    Keynote Setup.

    i dont know that your'e going to be able to do this without wires, but jobs had a VGA adapter cord coming out of the 30 pin connector. I ordered one. I saw a video of someone using keynote and they didn't show in the 90 minute ipad keynote was that you can draw on the slide during presentation...
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    i thought it was confirmed that the new iphone os will support multitasking (at least w/the new iphone) so if that supports it won't the ipad???
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    WiFi Only vs. 3G: How to Decide

    I got the wifi only because I have a sprint overdrive wireless hotspot for those times that i might want to use the ipad away from wifi. I mostly got the ipad to browse on the couch at home (or office), for movies, books, games, and to use it to present my keynote presentations. So for that i...