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    iPad and new iPod Touch, sharing apps?

    I'm a bit confused about something and was wondering if anyone could help me sort this out? I have an iPad and an apple id, and my sister just got an ipod touch for christmas. I set her up an apple id, but when i synced it with my itunes, it gave her my apple id. Now she can download the apps i...
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    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has got both a Kindle and an iPad and what their thoughts are on having both? Is it worth having both or is it a waste of money. I have recently got back into ebooks, as I am starting to read both an ebook and print book at the same time (well, not exactly...
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    Is there an app to control iPod Touch via iPad?

    Thanks for that, it looks like it will do the job, Im glad it exists and I wasn't just going crazy :D
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    Is there an app to control iPod Touch via iPad?

    As per title, when browsing the app store a few days ago, i thought i saw an app that allows you to use the iPad as a remote that can control the ipod touch. I can not however remember its name. Now it is possible that i have completely made this up, but if something like this does exist and...
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    Kindle App Brightness Pattern

    Oh OK, i'm not really too worried because it only does it on the Kindle app and not Stanza or iBooks or anything else, and it is only really visible on the white background and I like using the sepia one :)
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    Kindle App Brightness Pattern

    When reading a book select the text size option (Aa) and the brightness can be lowered with the bar. At least that's the way it is with mine.
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    Kindle App Brightness Pattern

    This is verging on, or in fact going past paranoid, but I was reading an ebook using the kindle app in a dark room, and i noticed that when I controlled the brightness of the screen by using the brightness option within the app, there was a pattern that emerged as the brightness went down which...
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    Kindle Region Restrictions

    OK, so i got my iPad (i'm in the UK) and thought of a book i want. I try to find it on iBooks, but it isn't there, which is fine because the store is reasonably new. So I go to the Kindle store and find my book. But i can't buy it because it isn't available to buy in the UK. Although not too...
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    Battery draining quicker than expected

    Yeah, thinking about it, it has gone down 8% in an hour. If it did that for 10 hours, it would still have battery life left. I think i will disable the battery % so i don't keep looking at it!
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    Battery draining quicker than expected

    I got my iPad on Sunday but have only started using it fully on Thursday and today. The battery went down quite quickly after playing around with it a bit from Sunday to Wednesday, but i put this down to it operating on the charge out the box. I charged it yesterday for around 7 hours while...
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    HD videos on youtube

    I am wondering whether there is an option to watch videos in HD on YouTube on the iPad or whether it plays them in HD automatically. Because sometimes the video is labelled as HD but doesn't look HD and I can see no option to change it, and sometimes the video looks HD but it loads slow and it...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Just got home with a 32gb wifi after a 2 hour round trip to collect it. Got it synced, wifi working, now loading a HD trailer of Inception to test video. Then unfortunately, its back in the box until Wednesday because it is a graduation gift! Torture! Just checking backlight doesn't bleed and...
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    Uses of a remote desktop client

    Awesome, i'm probably going to try Team Viewer HD to see what its like and what I use it for, and then perhaps 'upgrade' to a paid app. Should be good.
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Epic. Thanks.
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Would it be possible to use a remote desktop app to go to a torrent website, download a torrent onto my PC (a legal torrent of course ;)) and open it to be downloaded in a torrent programme? Or search and download using soulseek? Because then I would be able to download on the go. I wouldn't be...
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    Uses of a remote desktop client

    Ah damn it, i just saw the thread regarding the best remote desktop client, I could have posted my question in there. I'll post the same question in that thread and a mod can close this if they want.
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    Uses of a remote desktop client

    I have been looking at remote desktop clients such as log me in or iTap RDP but was wondering what exactly they can be used for. Could you for example download a torrent (legal of course ;)) from a torrent site and then open it with a torrent programme all from the iPad? Or search Soulseek etc...
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    Buying an ipad in the UK

    Yeah, I think I will order it from the Apple store. Or phone one that is about 30-40 miles away and see if they have any there. Because i can just see PC world having to order them in and giving me the run around. At least with apple I know it is 7-10 days.
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    Buying an ipad in the UK

    I've been keeping an eye on the ipad's stock on the PC World website for a few weeks now, as I will want to get it at the end of this week or sometime next week, but for around 1 and a half to 2 weeks they have been out of stock in every store anywhere near me. They do however have them for...
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    Lets see you with your iPad!!!

    Bah, I was going to join in but alas, I am not a model.
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    Can iPad connect to iTunes server?

    I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but streamtome will stream your music from your PC/Mac to the iPad. Projects With Love: StreamToMe
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    We rule friend

    You might want to go here
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    To 3g or not to 3g?

    So what if I got 3g and then got this: iPad Micro-SIM Pay As You Go + 3 deal summary This gives me a micro sim and 3gb of data that lasts for 3 months until it expires. But then it lists the top up amounts. 1GB £10 3GB £15 7GB £25 How long would these last? 1 month? After 30...
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    To 3g or not to 3g?

    I think I might go for this option. 3g seems attractive, but i think it may frustrate me when I pay £100 more and at least £7.50 a month and then find i'm not using it much. Does the mifi top up have a time limit for its use? For example, if I top up with £10 for 1gb, does that stay on until...
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    To 3g or not to 3g?

    Well, that is the question. I have been rather settled on the idea of getting a wi-fi 32gb ipad for when i graduate from uni in around 2 weeks time. I will be getting £300 as a gift (i'm in the UK) and I will put the rest towards it. But i've been thinking about 3g. While I have been...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I'm getting one later in the month and I plan to use it for a bit of e-reading (still need to be convinced), checking the news/weather every day in the morning, general internet browsing in my living room in the evenings so I don't need to plug my laptop in which i find is always out of...
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    Air Video universal app just came out today!!!

    Haven't got an iPad yet, but doing loads of research for when I get one. Does anyone know if air video will convert .vob files on the fly? Or would they be tood big? Because i often rip dvds to my PC in.vob at which end up as around 5gb or so.
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    Is there a limit on the number of apps?

    Is there a limit for the amount of apps you can store on an iPad? Not in terms of data space, but in terms of pages of apps. Because if you filled up a 64gb just with apps (I'd like to see that) there would be thousands of apps. I've personally got my eye on between 20-30 for when i get it.
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    Getting Ebooks from other countries

    I'm in the UK and as wondering how buying ebooks works. Is it possible to buy an ebook from for the kindle and read it on my iPad in the UK? Can I get Ebooks from websites such as Waterstones (a UK bookshop) and then get it on the iPad, or would I have to purchase from iBooks, the...
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    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    The Goodreader app should let you sync the PDFs onto your ipad ;
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    Where can you buy an iPad from a shop? (UK)

    Go to the Currys homepage, type ipad in the search bar, click on where to buy, scroll down past the region names, click on the model you want, and then click on check the availability in your area. I've found if i put in my postcode it says there are no stores with it in stock, but if i put in a...
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    Where can you buy an iPad from a shop? (UK)

    Its pretty horrible, because i'm going to get one when I graduate, which is in three weeks time, which means I can't go out and grab one now while they are in stock. Instead, they will be in stock until I graduate and then no-where will have them.
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    Where can you buy an iPad from a shop? (UK)

    Try Curry's website, although i've found that stock seems even more limited there than at PC World. Other than that, i don't know anywhere else that has them. I would recommend that you keep checking the PC World website, because the other week there were none in stock in any stores around...
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    Is there really that much benefit for waiting for 2g?

    I'm thinking of buying an iPad in around a month rather than waiting for the 2nd generation because i figure I will get more enjoyment out of it now rather than if I wait for it. I'm not too fussed on the idea of any sort of camera because I will likely never use it for video conferencing or for...