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    Would you buy an iPad for your child?

    Granddaughter just turned 2. I have some hands on experience,now. So, I am answering yes. I have the original ipad and my GD loves it. I control when she can use it, but she love Itsy, Bitsy Spider, and You Tube or looking at pictures. Mine is in a shock proof case, so their are no problems...
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    Text books not helping students

    I am not a student, but maybe you could, then, just print your highlights out. Perhaps, iPad text books will download to the computer and then will sync chapter by chapter. That is how Dear John is, it is in 2 parts.
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    Text books not helping students

    Thanks for the info on Coursesmart. I didn't know about it. I do think that it would take a little getting used to (e-text books). I am not doing well on my how to books that are on my touch. I am too used to pen and paper, or highlighting. I guess I could still take conventional notes, but I...
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    The real reason why the Apple iPad will be a success

    I am 55 and I agree, with those my age that are buying it. It is funny :) that we are putting away cash, so that we do not put it on the visa card. I asked for Apple gift cards for my birthday. I imagine classrooms that will be using iPads. There is no problem with the size. Things do not have...
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    Text books not helping students

    I don't know why education in the US is tied to pricey text books. If something can be developed on-line, that would be great. E-books can easily be updated, too, so there doesn't have to be a new edition every year.
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    The iPad's first Grammy Appearance

    Boy, if those had been in the gift pack, they would have been all over Ebay, today!
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    iPad vs Macbook Air

    Maybe a Pogo stylus will work.
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    Tom Bihn Releases iPad Accessories

    Well, maybe there will be various colors. I like it because it is masculine enough for my boys and sturdy enough for me. I could embellish it (like in the 70s), if it was boring. ;)
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    Would you buy an iPad for your child?

    Maybe. I do see some pluses to it. I certainly like it better than the smart phones. Pluses for kids would include a larger reading screen and access to books, and I like that there is no camera.
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    Big ipod big deal

    It is an iPod. I don't think that Steve Jobs ever said "it is a computer." You sync it to your computer. If you don't want one, I would suggest don't buy one.
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    iPad vs Macbook Air

    iPad isn't a computer. It is an iPod. A better question would be, if you already have the Touch, will you get the iPad? I will.
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    8 things that suck

    I love it. I have a Macbook and G4 (plus we have an HP notebook, that is lousy.) People need to remember that this is an ipod. I can't multitask on my touch. I don't even want to. I think that the "greatest generation ever" and "the boomers" are going to love this. We are the ones that pack...
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    Big ipod big deal

    ? It is an ipod. It is not suppose to be a laptop. I love it.
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    The 2¢

    You are exactly right. It will give me a better way to read e-books, w/o buying a Kindle and I can see a complete newspaper page. It isn't a computer and I will still need to sync it. So what? I have 2 Mac computers. You can't watch Hulu. Well, I don't watch Hulu anyway. I watch as an...