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    Help viewing all apps in iTunes

    I see these charts where there are 1000+ Apps out specifically iPad and over 800 games alone, yet when I look in iTunes I see the same 40-50 over and over. I've tried click a category, the 'see more' in new and noteworthy but all I get is 2 pages at the most of about 30-40 apps. How can I...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I ordered a Case-mate Walkabout, I will post pics once it gets here..(probably Sat)
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    Thanks man.. ;) And I spelled They're wrong..O well
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    Well I don't know why their telling me that, I get saturday deliveries from UPS and Fedex from Amazon all the time.
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    And I called UPS Export/Import Services which I think is just their international number and they told me mine would be delivered. Sorry its so small, I dont know why its like that, but you can still read it
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    My wife is calling UPS now trying to re-route my package, crossing my fingers it works..It sucks because fedex delivers saturdays to me all the time. EDIT: Didn't work, they wouldn't do it. They said they can only send China packages to the address listed, and it cannot be re-routed. I am...
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    I just got an email from Apple advising me "Saturday delivery is not available in your area." WTF..this sucks. UPS sucks, I get Saturday Fedex deliveries all the time. Why did Apple switch shipping companies, they've always used Fedex.