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  1. Yester5

    Anyone using Procreate?

    I love Procreate! It’s my go-to sketchbook. The layers allow simple ideas to build upon. Here are a couple of drawings I did of my dog and Captain America I made for my granddaughter. I’ve loved sketching since childhood but I’m still a rank amateur, but I love the iPad+Procreate :)
  2. Yester5

    Goofy question about Apple’s awesome looking boxes....

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! I still have my box from my iPhone 3G. Plus all my other Apple tech :)
  3. Yester5

    New iOS updates?

    Two new wallpapers too;)
  4. Yester5

    Name Your Issue/concern/problem With ipad2!

    Thanks for the explanation of the "Delete" button in photos. Between your help and reading the iPad user guide (duh), I was able to figure it out. Works through iTunes very well:)
  5. Yester5

    Name Your Issue/concern/problem With ipad2!

    The delete button in Photos does not work.
  6. Yester5

    New iPad2 owner here...

    Love the forum so far...looking to learn a lot. Thanks for having me:)