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    Need friends for city story

    Add me for city story and restaurant story My ID is betty37
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    Harry Potter Lego help w Balisk

    You need to stand on the podium so that you are protected, wait to see the circle of light appear in one of the holes and perform the spell to raise the correct wall over the hole. When the basilisk breaks through the wall he will be dazed which allows you to struck at him with the normal spell...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hello everybody. I'm Betty37. I'm a teacher, and my boyfriend and I bought each other iPad for Xmas and I love it. I spend all my time on it. Little obsessed with the Lego harry potter game at the mo, logged on to find out how to progress.
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    Once your on top of the sink tap Harry and perform the spell to find hidden items. You will then be able to build a weird statue on top of the sink. Then lift the grate again and it will open the door sink to the chamber.