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    Looking for coder & graphics partner to form Education iPad software Company

    I am a teacher and have an idea for a few Apps for teachers by a teacher but lack the knowledge & know-how for iPad development. Rather than outsource, I'd like to form a three member team including myself (content expert), a programmer and an artist. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    I'm really interested in finding an easy solution. I'm a teacher with an idea for an education App but have no coding experience. Now, I'm a pretty intelligent guy and may buy some books to learn the basics, but really i feel my only recourse is hiring a company to do it, but I lack the capital.
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    Thanks, Skyfire

    I love Skyfire. It is so well thought out. Only pain is that after private browsing, you have to re-sign in to all of your services.
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    advice needed

    Have you looked into Apple's Numbers?
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    ***Heroes Blade on iPad - Forum Contest Give-away***

    If anyone is interested, here is a review I did for my blog... Confession. I was never a big Magic the Gathering fan, even though I worked at a game store in the 90’s when the wildly popular collectable card game was taking off. I was always amazed at how kids would come in and feverishly...