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    Why so many people try to use iPad as laptop replacement?

    I have at least quadrupled the amount of writing I do because of the iPad. It's just SO convenient, especially at work where I can bring it out on my breaks and write. Instant on...write...back in the desk it goes. You can define it however you want. For me it is not only my laptop...
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    Are I-tune movies worth it?

    I am a movie buff myself and watch some movies dozens of times. I am still not ready to use iTunes if only because in five years when I'm on another device I still want to have that movie accessible. So I buy DVDs and rip them. I currently have 3 or 4 favorites on my iPad that I go...
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    Who uses their Ipad for 'serious' writing?

    I do all of my writing (short stories) on the iPad using Pages. The size and portability make up for the lack of a physical keyboard. I would guess that my productivity (feels silly to call it that but I suppose it is appropriate) has quadrupled since getting my original iPad. That being...
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    New iPad2 but no FaceTime?

    Yahoo Messenger App will now use iPad2s camera. Yahoo Messenger lets iPad 2 owners video chat with PCs
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    Simple games for 3 year old?

    Thomas Misty Island's puzzles and dot-to-dots are great for my 2-1/2 year old daughter. Each has the option to ratchet up the difficulty. Only drawback is that there are only 5 or 6 of each. At least it will give you an idea if that's what he likes.
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    Order and Chaos -- MMO

    It's exceptional. Not as an MMO. In that sense it's not only VERY derivative of World of Warcraft but also a bit simplistic in mechanics and features. But as an iOS game it is the best I've played. They have done an AMAZING job interfacing an MMO using the touchscreen. This is an...
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    I have all of my music on my iPhone. Had about six movies and 20 TV shows on my 16GB. Really depends on your mix. I had an Archos I carried around for years and realized I only watched 4 or 5 movies on a regular basis. The others I roll in and out. Worked so well for me I got an iPad...
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    Five IOS devices...five downloads?

    Thanks for that info! Thought the iOS was generic between the devices. Now it doesn't seem near as bad! Thanks again!
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    Five IOS devices...five downloads?

    Has anyone figured out how to download the OS update only ONCE for multiple devices? When I tried DOWNLOAD ONLY I never found the file again and had to download ANOTHER time. :(
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    How well does the iPad work for word processing?

    I write quite a bit on the iPad, mostly on the go. So I use the onscreen keyboard and have gotten quite used to it. I am using Pages so I do not know how well Google Docs works.
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    Why do people buy paid apps when free ones offers same/better features?

    As a hobbyist Illustrator I took quite a while to transition the control of my lines when moving to my finger from a pen/stylus. You really do have to re-teach yourself after years of aligning points with your hand in pen-holding stance.
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    Why do people buy paid apps when free ones offers same/better features?

    If it's in your budget to be able to pay someone for their work why WOULDN'T you? If someone does a good job with something I have no issues giving them a buck or two in appreciation.
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    How is ipad 2 better than the first?

    If you NEED to take pictures then the iPad2 is a nobrainer upgrade. If you don't NEED to take pictures I see no reason to upgrade other than having the newest/fastest. I had absolutely no interest in the iPad2. The iPad1 did everything I wanted it to and did it very well. That being...
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    Rundown on Leather Cases for iPad

    Not so sure about that. I only received my smelly one about a week ago from Amazon. I assumed it would be the new version but it was not. And, to update again, a few days in the garage worked wonders. The case now smells fine. Just don't want folks flipping out when they get it. Let...
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    Best leather-folios or rather best-leather folios

    Just to be clear: I ordered my Yoobao (from Pyrus on Amazon) a week ago and it was still strong smelling. I assumed I'd be getting a version 2 by now but was obviously wrong. That being said, after a few days of sitting in the garage the smell is almost gone. I don't know of many products...
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    Rundown on Leather Cases for iPad

    Some folks have disputed whether it's actual leather but I liked this review. Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 review - bighugenerd This and the youtube review convinced me to order one. I happened to get one of the earlier stink-a-riffic ones but after two days airing in my...
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    Best leather-folios or rather best-leather folios

    I have it airing now. Just as well because my iPad2 is still on the way. I will certainly return and update my disheartening post if this smell dissipates. Currently it's truly overwhelming.
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    is there any chance to get it back?

    Let's say, just theoretically, that YOU stole an iPad and you're asking if there is any way someone can track it if you wiped it. The answer is YES. :) Just theoretically...
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    letting somebody borrow your old iPad

    The IOS updates are a full replacement (that's why they take so long) so it will only take 1 update to be current.
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    Sir, stop trolling. Stop lumping the majority of folks onto the side of dingbats and morons. We understand. Some of us even agree with you. But hang around these forums a bit and you'll see that this isn't the typical insult-fest that most forums are. I am a longtime PC user who is so...
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    Best leather-folios or rather best-leather folios

    Well, stay away from the Yoobao (Pyrus on Amazon -- it comes in a Yoobao box). The smell just about knocked me off of my feet. Will have to figure out a way to destink this.
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    Completely unacceptable ipad2, complete unacceptable

    I want to applaud all of the people who came to this thread and offered advice and helped the original poster through this issue. With a subject line like the one they used I would have expected all of the replies to be very nasty but everyone was very helpful and polite. To the original...
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    Could i have a virus

    Double-click your home button to see what's running in the background. Perhaps it's just a certain app that is crashing you which does not play well in the background.
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    Data Usage a month

    I was on the 250MB plan and was great for a few months... then a few months in a row I hit up some sites that had some animated GIFs and had to upgrade. One of them I actually hit my limit less than one week in! Now I am on the 2GB plan.
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    Am i the only one who thinks the apple red carpet launches are lame?

    I think there are lots of different types of people in society. One person might say another's faux-hawk looks ridiculous while another might think it's fashionable. One person might think someone is making an idiot out of themself while that person might not care what others think and is...
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    Caps lock

    Enable The Unofficial iPhone Tricks and Tips Blog: iOS 4: Enabling the Caps Lock Feature Activate How to Activate Caps Lock on iPhone and iPad? iOS-caps-lock-guide_05
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I will be buying the Yoobao recommended on the Youtube review roundup linked a few posts ago. Looks like PYRUS is rebranding the Yoobao. Pyrus Electronics (TM) Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 (latest generation) (Black): Electronics I'll report back when I get it with a few...
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    Highlight text in 'pages' on the iPad.

    Do you mean select for copy/paste? Hold your finger on a word. When you remove your finger a box appears and pick SELECT. Your word will highlight. Drag the little dots to cover everything you want. Then pick what you wanna do with the text.
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    Caps lock

    Double tap SHIFT. Only recently discovered this myself.
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    Ipad 2 cases

    This is the third time I've heard about the shabby quality on the iPad 2 case. That's kinda heartbreaking because my Griffin case has been on my iPad 1for over a year of every day use and looks brand new. Sorry to hear they are having quality issues. *sigh*
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    please help now i am disappointed w ipad2

    Yikes. Those are some harsh replies. There are certainly folks for whom the iPads shortcomings would ruin the experience. Each of the original posters complaints do not effect me but they ARE issues. And I think it's easy to get caught up in the hype of this little miracle machine and...
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I bought the Griffin Folio for my original iPad and it served it's purpose well (it's on as I type this) but sometimes it feels like the case weighs more than the iPad itself. So for my iPad2 (arriving next week) I want something light. I am very gentle with my iPad but carry it everywhere...
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    Rim r.i.p.

    If you want to compete with the market dominator you have to bring something VERY good to the tale. I think RIM is counting on bringing Blackberry-integration into the picture and a year ago I think they would have made a bigger impact. But more and more companies are removing their...
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    DVDs to IPad?

    Here is a quick guide using something free. Slysofts products have a 30 day full-function trial. Download ANYDVD and CloneDVDMobile. Install ANYDVD. It runs in the background. Install CloneDVDMobile. Insert the DVD you want to copy. ANYDVD will take about ten seconds to remove...
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    Found a Broken Ipad

    Aye, good for you. I bet the owner will never know because they would never expect anyone to do what you did. It would be a pretty awesome world if everyone acted like you did.
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    DVDs to IPad?

    I am a fan of the Slysoft programs ANYDVD and CloneDVDMobile. They are very straightforward and I have fantastic results. But they have gotten a bit expensive.
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    I agree. Not sure why I can sometimes stay in Safari when searching. I wish I could figure out what triggers that annoying app.
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    Why Jobs Flash explanation doesn't make sense

    Flash is a big part of the web. There are very few things on the web that iOS doesn't handle. I think it's reasonable to complain about the lack of Flash. My 2-year-old daughter loves my iPad and uses a dozen or so GREAT apps that I find both fascinating and educational. But we...
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    Downloading your DVD's onto ipad

    To answer the original poster without a product placement: The DVD has to be transferred into afile-type that the iPad can read. This involves two steps: 1. "ripping" a copy of the movie from the DVD 2. Translating that ripped code into an iPad-friendly format The reason why I described...
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    Why don't American TV stations have live streams?

    The biggest problem is they all still fear the Internet. It's going to be quite a while until the executives at these companies are young enough to understand that the Internet is not just a home to torrent sites that steal their content.