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    iPad vs PC and Kindle

    I have a laptop, net book, kindle, iPod and iPad. I now pretty much use just my iPad. The kindle app works great and I don't notice any eyestrain - I read a lot (sometimes 2 or 3 books on a rainy weekend). Love the fact that I now have a multipurpose device - no more dragging around 2 or 3 items...
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    Unlimited 3G gone.

    I would give them a call GrendelPrime. My unlimited plan just renewed yesterday on the auto renewal plan that I first subscribed to when I got my iPad.
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    Taking your iPad out in the wild

    I take mine most everywhere I go. It has come in quite handy when my husband and I have gone on weekend trips - makes points of interest, hotels and restaurants very easy to find. I also love having it with me so I can read if I end up having to wait somewhere. The iPad is lightweight and fits...
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    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    I have both a nook and a Kindle and can say that I enjoy reading as much on my iPad as the other two. I read a lot, especially on weekends and have not experienced any issues with eyestrain. I prefer the nook or Kindle for reading outside however since the iPad doesn't do so great in the sun. I...
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    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    I use my iPad almost exclusively when at home because I like the ease of the touchpad, love the ability to check email, listen to itunes, and read my kindle material all in one device, it's lightweight and the fact that I can easily carry it anywhere and it fits in my purse. I only use my laptop...
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    Great weekend with iPad

    Yeah - life was simpler 20 years ago. Didn't have a job that requires me to have 24/7 email and phone contact. Am glad that iPad makes work and real life balance a little easier. Envy folks who just get to enjoy these types of things as toys only.
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    Great weekend with iPad

    Spent the weekend traveling to a graduation party in another state and was delighted with my iPad. I connected to wifi at multiple locations without any of the difficulty that I have seen others report and surfing the web with the 3G connection was great while we were on the road. This device is...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Got mine on May 6th - haven't found one thing to not like yet! I love everything about it - even using the screen keyboard. Mine is the 3G 64G model. Apple case came yesterday and I like it as well.
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    Virus question

    Thanks for the info - you have eased my mind. I have had one virus experience on my Windows machine despite virus protection which was most unpleasant. All the more reason to use my iPad as my primary device!
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    Virus question

    I have, what may be a relatively stupid question. Being relatively new to Apple products, save my iPod, I was wondering if there is something I should be doing to protect my iPad from potential virus threat. I received my iPad a little over a week ago and it has become my primary device for net...
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    Ordering iPad

    I ordered my iPad on April 25th, it shipped on May 4th and I had it in my hands on May 6th. Haven't put it down since. :D The funds for payment weren't drawn from my account until the day it shipped. Hope you receive yours soon.
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    Travel bag for your Ipad

    Just received the EXO sleeve case from Waterfield designs this morning. It is nice looking, has some padding to it and is supposed to accommodate the iPad in a cover. I am still awaiting my Apple case which isn't going to ship until the 17th. I am going to be near an Apple store tomorrow and am...
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    Haven't been taking my iPad with me anywhere yet since I don't have a case yet. Have a bag coming from Waterfield designs and am waiting on a cover from Apple. Am going to the mall this week and am planning to go to the Apple store since my cover isn't due to ship till the 20th. Don't want to...
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    Hi all I am a brand new 3G 64G owner. Have had my iPad for 2 days and haven't put it down except when I had to leave for work. I am absolutely smitten with this thing. I am located in nw Ohio and work as a nursing administrator in a community hospital and am a 50 something gadget freak. I think...
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I just received my 3g 64 model yesterday, but am totally in love with the device. I finally have my ereader, laptop and iPod all in one transportable device. All of the negatives I had read about like difficulty typing, poor wifi connections, etc so far have not been issues for me. So...