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    Only one email signature?

    The one major gripe about the iPad is it's lack of multi-user support on email. It's really a family device and everyone wants their own email account. The only alternative is to have everybody's logged in and visible at all times. I guess the way around that is to use webmail, but I prefer...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    I use my son's HTC Tilt 2 as a wifi router. Software was free and cost is $10.00 a month unlimited data because I have a family texting plan and he is grandfathered on the older $10 plan. If I were to sign up today, cost would be $30.00 a month unlimited data. I'd highly recommend using a...
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    No screen protector. Have not used one on my iphone(s) and they still look very good. I did cut some thin foam strips and attach them (x2) to the back using double sided tape. I hated the way it sounded when I would slide it on a table.
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    Does it seem odd to you that there is no iPad iTunes?

    A little too much Nyquil last night eh? LOL! Yeah, look for the little 'itunes' icon. I have a hard time finding it too. Not sure if it's the color or what.
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    Can iPad see this video ACTUALLY no lag?

    No lag. Only buffering on my 2.5 Meg connection.
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    Only "Youtube Mobile" on Ipad!?

    Youtube is also using HTML5 which plays embedded in Safari. I get them embedded. You used to have to be signed into youtube and have chosen the option of HTML5 when available.
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    Signal boosters

    We use a wi-ex where I work and it's great. Highly recommended. I would like to get one with a directional, high gain Yagi antenna to hit the neighboring 3G tower that I get a mile down the road from my house.
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    Don't you mean you feel like an 'iDouche'? Ahahahaha! Sorry, couldn't resist. I can certainly understand some buyers remorse. I feel the same way after each moderate to high priced item I purchase. I can certainly understand how you would feel that way if you don't see it's practical...
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    Warranty exchange if different name on receipt?

    I purchased a wifi iPad about two weeks after it's release from a guy on Craigslist. It was in perfect condition with all original packaging right down to the bag Apple sends you out the door with. I have the receipt where he paid for it with a credit card and I've registered it in my name at...
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    Apple boasting new Popular Science Magazine Format

    I've read in one review of this app, that the content is nearly identical to what is on the Popular Science website. Of course with this format, you get to take it offline (for a subscription fee). However, I've not used the app either so I cant say for sure if this is the case. As a...
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    *WARNING* 3G service

    Remember that data usage is accrued going both ways. Requests sent from the iPad count toward your data usage. It's not a great amount of data however.
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    That would be great if AT&T hadn't installed 3.1.3. I did have mywi and it was nice. Can't jailbreak 3.1.3 though so I'm stuck with a windows phone for data on the road on my iPad.
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    Charge it every chance I can. I generally don't go more than an hour of use without a charge. Trying to keep the battery in good condition remembering that the battery has a finite number of discharge cycles before it needs to be replaced. 2 days of 50% is roughly a full discharge cycle. 10...
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    I can't justify a 3G model and another $30/month. Just makes no sense if I have to have a phone with me wherever I go and that phone has unlimited data. What's ironic is that I used to have my 3GS jailbroken for the sole purpose of sharinf it's data connection over wifi. But I had a problem...
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    I think there will be a number, but people are buying the wifi models above retail so it would make more sense to sell a wifi model and roll the cash into a 3G. It may be the way I go. Not sure how the supply of wifi models are keeping up though.
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    iPad users targeted by hackers

    I wonder if it would be possible to run a hidden keylogger on an iPad? The reason I ask is that I purchased a used iPad a couple of weeks ago for $500 still in box without a scratch. The guy I purchased it from also had many $ in paid apps on it that was part of the deal. If he installed a...
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    View Network Files?

    I'm wanting to use my iPad at work to view some network drives and folders. I'll also want to be able to open PDF (and preferably Excel and Word document) files from the network folders. Is there a decent app for doing this? Thanks to all for making this the best iPad forum!! Steve
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    Can the Ipad be re-registered to a new user?

    Re-registering on a different PC or re-registering a new owner for warranty purposes? If a new owner, I wonder if you could follow the same process if you made a mistake in registration? From Apple: 4. I made a mistake in my registration. How do I change it? Please go back to Apple - Product...