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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    I sold my iPad 2 32GB on ebay last week for 450.00 shipped
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    IPAD 3 now shipping in 2-3 weeks

    Mine is being delivered on the 16th but curious as to what time they start selling on Friday. If I remember from last year I think it was 4:00 pm EST. Not sure....
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    Apple online store closed for updating.

    Anyone know what time they will be back up and running?
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    iPad 3 rumored to be shipping from factories on Feb. 26, arriving in U.S. March 9th !

    Considering an "alleged" price increase, recent iPad 2 sales from Christmas, do we really expect their to be long lines and sell outs of the iPad 2 like last year? GAWD, I hope not...:)
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    Ipad 3 , iphone 5

    I'm looking forward to the iPad 3 as well, but does anyone think the demand will be the same with the iPad 2? Long lines at every store, up to 8 weeks to order online. I just can't imagine that will happen again, but I could be wrong. What do you guys think?
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    Ipad 3 coming On march !!

    I'm hoping the new iPad will be able to read sdxc cards with the camera kit
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    Apple stores getting mass shipment tuesdays

    I guess I will try again in the morning but this is getting ridiculous:mad:
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    ipad 2 case reccomendations?

    I just purchased the Targus 360 for my new, I mean my future IPAD 2...Case looks nice...
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    Apple stores getting mass shipment tuesdays

    I went to two apple stores in MD and they had a total of 24 between the two. At the MD Columbia, people were in line at 3:45 am per an apple rep. They only had 8, the other MD store had 16 and they were all gone by 9:00.
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    Apple stores getting mass shipment tuesdays

    I'd just like to know when shipments are going to start coming inmasse, not this trickle mess that is happening right now. On a brighter note, I called the Apple store in MD today they did get a new shipment in but sold out within 10 minutes...:( Maybe not so bright...
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    Prepared for shipment!

    Thanks, I'm going to assume you can cancel anytime without any issues.
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    Prepared for shipment!

    If ordering from the apple store, (online) when do they charge the credit card? When you place or when it ships? Thanks,
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    Bestbuy return policy

    Hi all, Just curious if I bought a 64gb 1st gen ipad, what is the return policy if and when the 2nd gen's came into stock within 45 days. I realize BB's return policy has a limit. It looks like a month or so wait for the 2nd gen. Thanks
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I bought my 16gb on Friday at Target, I wanted the 32 but they only had the 64 and 16 and all the 64's were spoken for. After bringing my 16 home, I realized that is not enough room, so I sold it on Ebay today for 650.00 plus shipping. :( Now I can order the 32 GB but have to wait another 3...
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Got my 16gb Black from Target, they had 6 64gb and 10 16gb, I was number 7 for the 16 gb ipad...They were all sold by the time I left
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    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    Anyone know why they are selling them at 5:00 PM? The malls and best buy's open at 10:00 am...SO if I walk in to an apple store they will not be selling them unitl 5:00...Very strange...:(