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    Problem with Gmail

    I've been having a slight glitch with my gmail app since I downloaded iOS 7. I have a few different email addresses and I have two that show that I have new emails. One shows 3, the other says 9. I don't have any new emails. Is there any thing I can do to make those numbers go away? It's...
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    Legal or not?

    Is it illegal to jailbreak an idevice? A friend and I are arguing about this; she says that a new law went into effect at the beginning of the year that makes it illegal. I'm thinking about doing it, but not if its wrong.
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    Gadget collectors

    I have a couple goofy questions. I know that several peeps here have multiple tablets. So, I'm wondering 1) what do you do with the different ones that you have? Do you have ones that you use only at home and others that you take out and about? Or do you use them interchangeably? Does...
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    Remember that Nexus 7 that's been giving me trouble?

    Well, the troubles are over, because I just dropped it and its dead. So, I guess that's that. I should've taken the $150 I was offered the other day and eaten the loss. Thanks for all of you who tried to help me with it. Update, I fixed it! I carefully pried the back off, and checked the...
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    Need help with a Nexus 7

    I'm trying to figure out Android and my new Nexus 7 and, to be honest, I'm struggling. I am very used to iOS, and everything about this platform seems wrong to me. I am posting at an N7 forum and they are helping but I was invited to ask here, as well. So here goes. One thing that has...
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    Spreadsheets and iPads

    I have a spreadsheet on my Thinkpad computer and and iPad3 with the Numbers app. How do I get the spreadsheet onto my iPad, and in the Numbers app where I can use it? My brother says, "just email it to yourself" which doesn't quite tell me how to do this. I feel like he left out a step; it...
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    Thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here for being polite and helpful and not making me feel small and stupid. Where is this coming from? Well, a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted a smaller tablet for travel. An iPad Mini felt redundant on top of my iPhone5 and iPad3 so I got a...
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    iTunes and Spotify

    I have some questions about iTunes and using Spotify. Most of my iTunes music is saved in whatever format Apple uses; unfortunately this is not compatible with Spotify. So, one day I tied up my computer for the better part of a day converting all the music to .mp3 so I could integrate my...
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    Cloud no good for photos?

    I apologize for the vagueness of this question, but I can't find the site that originally got this from. I was reading online about backing up photos to iCloud, and at one point I read that photos saved to the cloud are only there for 30 days then they "just disappear". This can't possibly be...
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    Where do my photos go?

    Ok, this is a really dumb question, but where do my photos go? Like, the other day I took a pic with my iPhone. I went to show it to my boyfriend, and it wasn't there (and what's up with THAT?). I looked on my iPad, the almighty cloud had done its thing and put the photo there, as well. But...
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    Numbers spreadsheet app

    I'm looking for a good spreadsheet app, and it looks like Apple's "Numbers" app is the way to go. Before I plunk down $10 for an app, though, I wanted to ask if anyone knew of any other spreadsheet apps that work wel, or had experience with Numbersl. I'm a little nervous about buying a $10 app...
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    Now that ive had my new iPad for a while...

    I have a couple questions about some quirky things. 1. When in the email app (I use gmail), why is there no underscore button? It's there in iMessage, and it's here for this app, but that button (key?) is either an accent or \ in email. In order to key in an email address I had to type it in...
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    How much space is left on your device?

    There is a thread asking the 64 users how much space they have left. I don't want to step on that thread, but I am curious about how much space everyone is using, whether you have a 16, 32, or 64. I wish I had a 64; its what I would've gotten for myself. However, my boyfriend thought he'd...
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    Looking for an iphone case

    I hope someone can help me. I asked in the iPhone forum but there isn't much going in there. I'm looking for a lime green leather iPhone case. A while back I came across a site with several different styles of cases; one set was lizardy looking leather in assorted colors. If anyone knows this...
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    Custom signatures

    Is it possible to set up different auto-signatures for different email accounts on the iPad?
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    Zinio app

    I just got a new iPad, and signed in to my Zinio account (from my android days). All of my content was there, but when I went to read one of the mags each page loads slowly, one square at a time. Is that normal for Zinio on iPad? It would take forever to read a mag that way.
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    Engraved iPads?

    Those of you who got your iPads engraved, what did you put on them? My boyfriend ordered mine; it says, M_____s Precious. That's also what I call my iPhone. :D
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    Why do I want an iPad? New to the forums...

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and hope to have a new iPad soon. I think. Currently I have an iPhone 4 and always thought, "why do I need an iPad? My iPhone does everything I need." Except I'm getting older and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. It might be nice not to have to hold...