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    After new update can't stay logged in facebook?

    After 5.0 and 5.0.1 ...cannot stay logged into facebook and its frustrating.....Anyway to fix this? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
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    regret selling ipad 1..should i buy another ipad2?

    I play and it just kills my battery...When i had my ipad1 i would just swap and charge...But i listed it on ebay and didn't think it would sell but it did:(..Should i buy another ipad 2 or just deal with charging?
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    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    It is horrible...The screen sux and the choppiness is still there like galaxy tab...I guess honeycomb didn't fix it:(
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    Ipad 1 upgraders! Are you keeping your ipad 1 or selling it?

    Now that i have my ipad 2 ...I was going to sell my ipad 1 but now i'm not sure...Might keep it as back up,night stand or portable ipad since it has full cover case...What are you guys doing with your original ipad.
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    Bodyguardz carbonfiber back cover?

    Anyone have this? Did it install well? Is it thin or thick? Any pics?:D
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    Leather smart cover worth it over poly?

    I bought a poly smart cover but now wondering if i should of got leather....I wish they still made the original cases for ipad 2 withOut edgelip:(...I think Leather would just feel better...Any of you tried both?
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    So i got my ipad2 and comparing it to ipad1...the screen has warmer tint?

    This ipad 2 has a warmer tint than my ipad 1...Are they all like that or are the led's hit or miss as far as tint is concerned?...also my ipad1 seems louder?
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    How do I go back to 3.2?

    The update is ok...The only thing I really like is the folders but my prob is my iPad just seems slower...even browsing seems slower...I prefer the zippier browsing experience I had before....The multitasking is silly and I feel like I need to exit them out all the time to prevent lag...How do I...
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    Sound of keyboard and slide to lock and such gone?

    After I upgraded to 4.2..I have no sound on keyboard buttons and the little sound when you slid to unlock and sleep noises...have they been removed or am I missing a setting?
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    Are there decals for little apple on iPad case?

    The stock iPad case has a black apple on it...Are there decals for the apple to brighten it up bait?
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    Did the apple ipad case always come with soft screen protector?

    I have seen all the reviews but never seen the screen protector..Is it new?...I just picked this one up today and comes with a really soft screen insert protector...It's alittle wrinkled cause I had it in my hand.
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    What do you least like about iPad?

    Mine would be the fact it only has 256mb of ram.