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    Anyone else waiting???

    I have been reading about errors and problems getting ios5 downloaded today. So I decided to wait a day or two. Anyone else waiting to update or upgrade? I backed up everything yesterday in anticipation of problems today.
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    Sale at Target

    I got an email notice that 64G wifi ipad2 are $100 off at Target. Any one looking for a sale, this is a good deal, and the holidays are coming.
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    How do I get podcasts onto Ipad2?

    I have about 50 hours of a weekly podcast show in my Itunes folder. I tried syncing my ipad2 to my laptop that has the itunes with the podcasts. However, when I go to my ipod icon on my ipad2 it says no podcasts when I click on the little button with podcasts. I have a 16G wifi only. Any...
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    Where is the pet thread?

    I want to post some pictures of my Biewers and a search isn't bringing up the thread.
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    Serious/Nonfiction Writing

    I want to use my Ipad2 for some serious nonfiction writing. I will need to get an external microphone. Recommendations? I will need a program to dictate into? Pages? Docstogo? Notebooks for Ipad? Recommendations?? I have DragonDictate on my Desktop and my Ipad, but I want to be able to...
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    Strangest Place you found wifi??

    Urgent Care waiting room at Loma Linda Hospital Farmer Boys Restaurant Chain
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    Workshops at Apple Store

    Hubby and I took the Introductory to the Ipad2 workshop yesterday at the Apple store. The trainer/instructor really knew her stuff. We all registered our Ipad2 with so we can find our ipads if they were lost or stolen. (Also worked for my iphone, which I didn't know about before.) The...
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    ipad wanted by Biewer Breeder in Florida--not me

    TRADE: BIEWER (YORKIE) FOR IPAD2, XOOM OR MACBOOK (Clermont, FL) Date: 2011-05-28, 6:11PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have really been wanting an Ipad 2 (64GB) or Xoom and I don't have the money but I am a breeder and have a 3 year old...
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    My tunes saga

    Well since only 866 of my 1988 songs (not year) were actually somewhere maybe in Itunes from my ipod and then it wasn't complete albums that could be transfered to the Ipad. And after eliminating duplicates and triplicates, the field was narrowed to about 16 albums out of my collection of about...
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    I'm on my Ipad!

    Well I'm actually sitting here watching Glee, watching the puppies play, playing with the iPad. itunes r still messed up..hubby has a few ideas he will work on in the a.m. I have an open ticket with Apple and appointments at the Apple Store to complete set-ups tomorrow. Life is good. Sent...
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    HELP Big Problem

    Before I screw up my new Ipad..... I hadn't backed up my ipod to my laptop, which I was going to be using with the ipad. So I plugged in the Ipod i set up the computer to be authorized, and it asked if I wanted to have the ipod synced in itunes--I said yes. Two seconds later--there was...
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    Kindle book applications or ibooks?

    I love to read and have had a Kindle since they were released. I will be transfering my books that I have yet to read over to my Ipad2 (don't know how yet--any tips on how to do this will be appreciated). For the future which application is more user friendly? Which has more free books...
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    What is IPF?

    I keep seeing posts saying "sent with IPF". I am still waiting arrival of my Ipad2 so I am really just beginning my adventures with the Ipad2. Is this an application? If so what kind? What are the advantages of having it?
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    Apple Store on line

    OK now the Apple store site on line is down and you can't follow your order status on line. I am very frustrated to say the least.
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    Changed delivery date--deptessed

    I just checked: our ipads now say: prepared for shipment. Ships May 23. Scheduled delivery June 2. They changed it from May 27. Oh no Tinman!!!!! I have to change our workshop yet again.
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    While you are waiting???

    So while you are waiting for your Ipad what did you do to occupy your mind? I have tried to upgrade my telephone and back up my contacts. I have destroyed 2 Intercept phones and 1 Pantech Ease that wouldn't work with either the AT&T Phonebook or with Outlook. So today I became a member of...
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    Waiting on my ipad

    Hi everyone. I'm Dee and I'm still waiting on delivery of my Ipad2. I'm a newbie and I'm sure I will have a lot of questions, but first it has to arrive. It is due around the 20-25th. I'm in the Inland Empire of S. California.