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  1. Nikhil

    Unable to send requests from gc

    Hey guys I'm unable to send friend requests from my GC.
  2. Nikhil

    NDS emulator?

    Is there any NDS emulator for ipad?Even n3ds works with me.I want to play the games of my ds on my ipad......
  3. Nikhil

    iOS 6.1.2?

    Apple dint even launch iOS 6.1.1 and directly skipped to iOS 6.1.2 ? I heard that its launched for iPhone 4s
  4. Nikhil


    Hi guys just downloaded this game but its kinda too laggy any suggestions?
  5. Nikhil


    Hi guys is there any way i can get the standard youtube app which was there in iOS 5?
  6. Nikhil

    Apple tv 3rd gen

    How can I jailbreak my Apple TV 3rd gen?Its running 6.1
  7. Nikhil


    If your asked to suggest anything for the next OS what would be your suggestion My suggestion 1.Siri should be faster.2.We should be able to use themes.
  8. Nikhil


    Hey guys I and my father use the same laptop so he has some songs in his iTunes and when I sync I get all his songs.So is there a way I can install new iTunes and not get the songs of the iTunes of my father?
  9. Nikhil


    Hi guys is there any way I can see the status while the app is downloading?Only the blue tube structure comes which doesn't tell me the accurate value Thanks in advance.
  10. Nikhil


    Hey guys which is the fastest browser in App Store?Safari is kinda too leggy to me.Even chrome
  11. Nikhil

    Apple vs android

    Do you really think this will happen?
  12. Nikhil

    Screen recording!

    Hey guys is there any screen recording app in the App Store which is free. Thanks in advance.
  13. Nikhil

    Hey guys.

    Can I know if I can create personal hotspot with the help of my ipad 3 .Any app?
  14. Nikhil

    iPod 5 help.

    Hey guys I know this is not ipod page but there is no ipod forum Look in that image beside ipod at top left there is only 1 bar filed in three.And in my wifi pvraobsnl All 3 are filled I wonder what happened can you tell me?
  15. Nikhil

    Microsoft outlook

    Hi guys can we use the Microsoft outlook on the iPad 3?
  16. Nikhil

    Id there anyway to convert pdf to audio book

    Hey guys is there any way to convert pdf into audio book. I Just downloaded the download lite browser and download the hobbit book.I read few chapters.But I feel boring to read.So is there any way to listen it in form of audio? The topic name is*Is there any way not Id
  17. Nikhil

    How can i message from ipad

    Guys can I message to any person from iPad. 3 4g?