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    Page Breaks in Pages

    Hi guys and gals I've been working in Pages for a while now but one thing I don't seem to be able to do is make the screen look like a page with a proper page break. This is purely cosmetic but I prefer to view the pages as individual pages and not just have a line separating them. Does anyone...
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    iBook Layout

    I've had a search but couldn't find anything on the forums so I'm either being stupid or I'm the only one who can't work this out. The books I've got on my iBook bookshelf show in alphabetical order but they start with Z and at the bottom are numbers and A. How do I sort the order on the...
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    iBook and Kindle Questions

    Hi iPad lovers, I've got a couple of questions on the iBook and Kindle apps: 1. is it possible to read books on the iBook format on a PC? 2. How do you put .mobi files for the Kindle onto your iPad? 3. Is it possible to change iBook books to Kindle books and therefore be able to read...
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    Greetings from grey, drizzly England

    Hi guys and gals, just stumbled across this site. Good work and some very interesting stuff on here. Looking forward to getting home from work so I can spend some time looking through in more detail. Just a quick question that I could ask in the iBooks forum I guess but as I'm here I see...