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  1. dave_bass5

    2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Reviews

    Sorry, i meant turning True tone on and off. Nightshift is easy as you can do it from the control centre. Ive never used Siri, I'd feel stupid using it.
  2. dave_bass5

    2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Reviews

    I used nightshift like than it in the past. I was trying to get the WB looking closer to my calibrated monitor. It did seem to make things look a bit better but of course it wasn't accurate. Ive got used to true tone, and like what it does but I spend a lot of time editing photos on my iPad Pro...
  3. dave_bass5

    2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Reviews

    I agree, i still don't notice any difference in day to day use between the new and old versions. Obviously the new one will pull ahead once IOS11 goes live, as with most computers a new OS will demand more horsepower, but my feelings after a couple of weeks is still one of no regret but where...
  4. dave_bass5

    2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Reviews

    Ive been using IOS11 beta since it went public on both ipads. For now ive gone back to IOS 10 on the new one as the SD card reader doesn't work with 11.
  5. dave_bass5

    2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Reviews

    Ive got both versions of the 12.9. I love the new one, but don't really notice much improvement. My main reason for getting it was the screen and more storage, as I like to edit my raw files on my iPad these days. Of course the new one is better, but so far I don't think its really being pushed...
  6. dave_bass5

    Missing Files - Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

    Cant help with this specifically, but for me I always get the first image file on the SD card not imported if I select import all. I now tend to leave at lest one old image file on the card. By the way, just in case you try the beta of IOS11, the SD card reader doesn't work at all with it at...
  7. dave_bass5

    Black or white iPad 2?

    To me black makes the iPad look like the many other tablets out there, whereas white looks more stylish, more Apple IMO. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  8. dave_bass5

    Black or white iPad 2?

    White. Black shows finger prints and dust more than white. We have one of each in the house and my white one looks cleaner.
  9. dave_bass5


    Nice one. That caught me out the first time as well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  10. dave_bass5


    Are you sure the full version isnt jumping to where you left off in the sample copy? Thats all i can think of at the moment.
  11. dave_bass5

    Share the cases of yours.

    Here you go, 49 pages of them at this moment in time :-)
  12. dave_bass5

    Instrument and mic interfaces

    I've had two iRigs and thought they were rubbish. I did have ok results with te GK pocket amp, and also GarageBand, but I felt it was too noisy and weak sounding. Now I have the JAM interface I'm much more into using my iPad for this sort of thing. I've brought quite a few of the amp sims but...
  13. dave_bass5

    What's the best way to clean a screen?

    I normally use a microfibre cloth, the same one i use for my camera lenses.
  14. dave_bass5

    MS Word on e-mails

    Not sure if I can help as I don't have trouble opening .doc attachments. Are you trying to open .docx files? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  15. dave_bass5

    Password on safari

    No web based flash on IOS devices.
  16. dave_bass5

    VLC on iPad?

    I find AVPlayerHD to work great for both streaming and playing most files straight of my iPad. I also have VLC and although its great on my PC its a bit outdated now (obviously) Very old thread though, im sure the OP is sorted by now.
  17. dave_bass5

    iPad can't search image files by name? really?

    The basic IOS photo app is rubbish at anything other than displaying your image, and can only display the images sorted earliest to latest. I find this to be very annoying as I would prefer new images at the start. I can thoroughly recommend Photo manager pro as a replacement photo app. Not...
  18. dave_bass5

    Opening .MOV files

    Yes, it need to be saved first. It will get saved to the Camera Roll, you then need to open It from there. I'm not too familiar with AVPlayer yet but I believe that will only look in its own directories for media, so might not see the camera roll (could be wrong of course ) Sent from my iPad...
  19. dave_bass5

    I'm doing something wrong re watching a film, but what?

    Another vote for AVPlayer HD. I have Buzz and VLC ( got it before it was pulled from the app store) but AV Player is the best You can transfer films to your iPad over WiFi, no iTunes or cables needed and no need to do any conversions. It plays .avi and .mkv, as well as most other formats...
  20. dave_bass5

    Anyway of jumping directly to the top of a Safari page?

    Yeah. I was never interested in the phone until I realised how much I used my iPod touch, the phone made a nice upgrade, much more useful when out and about, and now the iPad is my main source of entertainment/info etc, although as its just the basic wifi version my phone still holds top...
  21. dave_bass5

    first doubts

    While not giving full access to my network I use Buzz player to play films off my PC and Popcornhour over wifi. Other than the high bitrate stuff it works well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  22. dave_bass5

    Anyway of jumping directly to the top of a Safari page?

    Ah nuts, I've just realised I was touching the wrong place. Sorry for the stupid thread, happy to have it deleted. It's the tabs that threw me, we don't get them on the iPhone and I was hitting the tab rather than the very top bar. Dave. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  23. dave_bass5

    Anyway of jumping directly to the top of a Safari page?

    I can't seem to get it to work. Any pointers? Thanks for the reply. Dave. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  24. dave_bass5

    Anyway of jumping directly to the top of a Safari page?

    I know on the iPhone I can tap the title bar and the page jumps to the top but is there anything like this on the iPad ? Thanks Dave. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  25. dave_bass5

    Best Video Converter

    If you have a player like AVPlayer installed, you hook up your iPad to iTunes, then go in to the app section of your iPad in iTunes and at the bottom of the page you will see a list of apps that allow file transfer. Click on AVPlayer and you you can then add the files to it using. This will then...
  26. dave_bass5

    first doubts

    I'm confused. The OP said this is his first apple product, but also hates iTunes. Where did the iTunes hate come from? It's not a perfect program but I'm curious as to why the OP hates it. As for putting movies on the iPad, it's pretty easy but not without iTunes IME. The two go hand in...
  27. dave_bass5

    Outlook emails from pc showsas unread on ipad

    Can I ask what a outlook email is. I use outlook for Gmail and my work email but outlook is just a program for reading them, same as the mail program on the iPad. If you have Gmail setup for IMAP rather than POP3 then you should get the same messages on all your devices, but not duplicates on...
  28. dave_bass5

    PDF Attachments

    Yes, forwarding to Gmail seems to work fine, although its not ideal. I would happily pay a few £ for a fully working app but so far I've not come across one.
  29. dave_bass5

    PDF Attachments

    Hotmail, PDF and IOS have never worked well. There are apps that will work but none that do it well. I've found apps that will allow PDF's with hotmail but these won't work with anything other than the main inbox. The others will see all folder but not the PDFs. I wish some one would sort all...
  30. dave_bass5

    New iPad owner, new member.

    Hi all, just thought I'd pop in and hay hello. I've just got my first iPad (white 16GB wifi) but am pretty used it IOS as I also have a IP4 and iPod Touch. Im loving the iPad so far, it seems to be a bit different to what to used to but I'll soon get used to it. Loving the bigger keyboard...
  31. dave_bass5

    Who Got An iPad for Christmas?

    Yep, my lovely girlfriend got me a white 16GB wifi iPad. Although I kept asking for one I never expected to get one. So far I'm loving it but its a difference experience to my iPhone 4.