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  1. rdkendrick

    Sound levels of songs bought from iTunes

    This problem has been around since I have been using an iPad, no matter which model. I am, currently, up to an iPad Pro 9.7, wifi + cellular, 128GB, iOS 11.1. I have over 2500 songs bought from iTunes. I usually play these on an app called EQ10, in shuffle mode, but the same problem exists when...
  2. rdkendrick

    Tapping issue

    Forgive me if this has been posted. I DID a search, first. Since the release of iOS 10, I have had a tapping issue on my iPad Pro and my iPad Air. Most times, it shows up in Boom Beach, and is mostly noticeable in the lower-left quadrant of the landscaped screen. I find that if I move the screen...
  3. rdkendrick

    Apps take over music

    i like to listen to music, through a blue-tooth connection, while I sm browsing email and FaceBook. Often-times, my music will stop when I get to a page, but no video, or anything else, starts, and I have to switch over and restart the music. This gets really annoying after the first hundred...
  4. rdkendrick

    Screen shots

    Why is it so hard to do a screen shot with IOS10, now? It keeps going inyo standby, and I have to reopen the iPad. It's very hit & miss. Anyone else having the problem?
  5. rdkendrick

    Retrieving missing videos

    I apologize in advance if I should have posted this in another section, but I did't see an iTunes thread, just Apps. Some of my videos (and music) are somehow getting deleted. I know I didn't do it. On iTunes, on my PC, I deleted duplicates, but always left the originals, but, even then, it...
  6. rdkendrick

    Intermittent orientation lock problem since 8.4 update

    Since updating to iOS 8.4 on my Air 2, my orientation lock gets stuck on the last orientation of the app I eas using. The only was to change it is to turn it on & off in control panel, then shut it off & on. I haven't read anything, yet, on this problem, and did a search on orientation lock...
  7. rdkendrick

    Locking volume buttons for both music & alerts

    I did search, but didn't find this particular problem. Why does iOS8 separate the alert sounds and volume of music/videos, etc? How do you lock both controls together? I am used to hearing my email get sent (whoosh), but now, I guess I must have turned the volume down when an alert was...
  8. rdkendrick

    Purchased music won't stay downloaded

    WTH is it with iTunes? I always seem to either lose a song, buy a duplicate, because I didn't remember buying it, or they won't stay downloaded. When I got another Air, with 4g LTE, I reloaded from my other Air, with wireless-only, most of my purchased music, plus the ripped music did not go...
  9. rdkendrick

    Deleting purchased songs

    Know this is the iPad4 forum, but i am a Noob. I forgot that I purchased some songs and iTunes let me re-purchase the same songs (I am unsure why, since it knows what songs I purchased) now I want to delete them, so that I do not have duplicates in my Music App. Is it possible to delete...
  10. rdkendrick

    Album art, tag info, and syncing between two PC's

    I have been using a Windows XP PC to edit the tag info and album art on my pre-existing music in my playlist, and just when I have album art downloaded and synced to the ipad 2, I try to sync it to my Windows 7 computer, thinking the album art and tag info would sync to the Windows 7 computer...
  11. rdkendrick

    Safari and other

    I don't know if this is due to iOS 6.0.1 or not, but recently, when I go to a blog site and reply to a post, after so many characters, the post will automatically reply, like I actually hit the reply button, when I didn't. I am not sure if it is the site (I sent them an email, too) or iOS 6.0.1...